Kali the Divine Mother

Kali Lithograph c. 1850

I had an interesting experience with the Divine Mother and one of her aspects today. Here is the net of that experience below, an excerpt from Paramhansa Yogananda’s, The Essence of Self-Realization, Ways in Which God Can be Worshiped. There are many aspects of the Creation.

Paramhansa Yogananda visits my dreams and Kali whispers in my ear. If ever I would have followed a guru and Divine Soul like the Christ, it would have been Yogananda. I would have spent some time at his feet. I feel in his words a love for creation that swells my small human breast until it might explode. They are me and we are part of the child of Creation. Who is there to follow? Who is following? Who is writing these words? Who is reading them?  – omega

Ways in Which God Can be Worshiped

“One thing I cannot appreciate in the Hindu religion,” said a Christian severely, “is its plethora of gods.”

“There are many,” agreed the Master. “Each, however, represents an attempt to remind us of God in one of His innumerable aspects. They are abstractions—a way of saying, ‘No human being can really understand what God is, but here, at least, is something that He does.’

“Take, for example, the image of the goddess Kali. This is a good case in point, because, out of all Hindu images, Kali has been the one most misunderstood by Western minds.

“Kali stands naked. Her right foot is placed on the chest of Her prostrate husband. Her hair streams out, disheveled, behind Her. A garland of human heads adorns Her neck. In one of four hands She brandishes a sword; in another,  a severed head. Her tongue, usually painted a bright red, lolls out as though in blood-lust.”

At this point the Christian shuddered. Yogananda grinned roguishly.

“If we thought that this image depicted Kali as She is,” he continued, “I grant you, it might awaken devotion in very few devotees! However, the purpose of that image is to describe certain universal functions of the Divine in Nature.

“Kali represents Mother Nature. She is Aum, the cosmic vibration. In Aum everything exists—all matter, all energy, and the thoughts of all conscious beings. Hence, Her garland of heads, to show that She is invisibly present in all minds.

“The play of life and death expresses Her activity in Nature: creation, preservation, and destruction. Hence the sword, the head, and a third hand extended, bestowing life.

“Her energy is omnipresent; hence Her streaming hair, representing energy.


“Shiva, Her husband, represents God in His vibrationless state, beyond creation. Thus, He is depicted as supine.

“Kali’s tongue is protruding not in blood-lust as most people believe, but because in India, when a person makes a mistake, he sticks out his tongue. In the West, don’t you express embarrassment somewhat similarly? You put your hands to your mouth.

“Kali is depicted as dancing all over creation. This dance represents the movement of cosmic vibration, in which all things exist. When Kali’s foot touches the breast of the Infinite, however, She puts her tongue out as if to say, ‘Oh, oh, I’ve gone too far!’ For at the touch of the Infinite Spirit, all vibration ceases.

“Kali’s fourth hand is raised in blessing on those who seek, not Her gifts, but liberation from the endless play of maya, or delusion.

“Those who feel themselves attracted to Nature’s outward manifestations must continue the endless round of life and death, through incarnation after incarnation. Those devotees, however, who deeply long for freedom from the cosmic play worship God in the indwelling Self. Through meditation, they merge in the infinite Aum. And from oneness with Aum they pass beyond creation, to unite their consciousness with God—timeless, eternal Bliss.

“The statues of Kali are not intended to depict the Divine Mother as She looks, but simply to display Her functions in the aspect of Mother Nature.

“The Divine Mother is, of course, without form, though we may say also that Her body is the entire universe, with its infinity of suns and moons. She can also appear to the devotee in human form, however. When She does so, She is enshrined in supernal beauty.

“All the images of gods in India are symbolic. We must look beyond their shapes to the hidden meanings they represent.”


My Cosmic Mother’s Face

Fairy dream faces, like fresh flowers,
May bloom in the vase of my gaze for my soul to see;
But the Face that vanished behind space
Cannot be replaced by any of these.

There are faces of transcendent beauty,
Faces of exquisite charm, faces tender and true;
There are faces of sweetness and wisdom,
But there’s none like the face of You.

There are faces tainted by fires of lust,
Faces the wise cannot fathom, faces a child cannot trust.
There are faces of beauty, steeped in glory through and through;
But O Cosmic Mother, they are dim beside You.

There’s the violet, the lily, the lotus, the rose;
Fragrant flower-faces blooming under the snows;
There are faces of stars, and the moon and the sun.
But for me there’s One Face evermore, only one.

After my search through aeons unnumbered,
The never-ceasing streamlets of my dreams
Have melted in Thy silver ocean-face,
Where smiling love forever softly gleams.

Countless silver rays of living beauties
Have melted into one transcendent grace –
The beauties of a million, million ages –
To make, at last, Thine omnipresent face.

Without Thy face, there is no light for me
In all the unplumbed depths of land or seal
Thy beauty-rays are rainbowed over all
Eternity, while planets rise and fall.

On the lips of laughter, on roses in the dawn,
It is Thy smile forever glowing there-
An immortelle of glory, heavenly sweet
With fragrance of unceasing, selfless prayer.

On the calm lake of my breathless bosom,
Where ripplets of desire no more
Play little games like children,
The glimmer of Thy face is spreading o’er.

In the cleansed mirror of my memory,
In the deep crystal pool that is my heart,
I see Thine omnipresence trapped for me-
Of my own self forevermore a part.
As I, awakening, pass through gates of light,
Thy wisdom-face is all my soul can see.
Faded, the pale pleasure-stars of dream skies,
In the omniscient light enfolding Thee.

Auroras, lights squeezed from shimmering hives of atoms,
Flashing feelings, burning vitalities, worlds of flame,
Dumb stones and speaking minds – all melted together
To form Thy one face and to spell Thy one name.

My vision, withdrawn from viewing pulsating centuries,
Throws its countless eyes within to search eternity;
And all I seek, O Cosmic Mother, all I crave forever,
Is the light of one face – the face of Thee!

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Be Back Whenever



I kinda have been dancing
Around the edge of something
I have a few things to do
A few places to go
I have shared what I felt
Naked and honest
But not too honest
I feel this song

I know this song

This is a song of hope…wake up!


For New Seekers of the Ancient Mysteries

Tip 1: Don’t seek, let things come to you.

You can prepare the way though by balancing your mind, body and spirit. You can just stop here and continue on your merry way, but I will share some tips I think might be interesting and helpful for the one who seeks to know The Ancient Mysteries themselves. (Note: I have found the above link a great source of what I feel is genuine information for consideration, at least a good starting point, for they teach the way within and ask nothing from you, YMMV) It doesn’t have to be as hard for you as it was for me, or maybe it does. You begin to understand the Mad Hatter on this path, you were warned. If you do seek, why and for what? Because intention is the key to your future; lived in the now. If you have never sought these Mysteries and have no idea what I’m talking about, well, please check out the links above and search for your own sources. Your intuition can guide you.

Tip 2: Check what you know at the door. Because you don’t know anything.

If you don’t have imagination or an ability to put aside what you know and explore, keep walking. You are wasting your time if you want to argue these things or convince others. You are either aware or you are not. You must approach as a wondering child and what you need will come when you are ready. You can always see yourself in others. Find the others. I want to introduce Manly P. Hall. I have found him to be a very genuine source of guidance. There are many good sources and guides I have found when needed. I would highly recommend you start by reading his book, “Words to the Wise – A Practical Guide To The Esoteric Sciences“. It’s short and a great guide. It provides a good introduction to most esoteric paths in all major religions and secret organizations. There is much we are not told. It provides some good tools to evaluate the information you will find. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Be like water. Try what comes your way. Keep an open mind! Be of no mind actually, no thinking, you will get to that part. My entire blog here is a celebration of action with no thinking. Read RAW if you like sci-fi! Mr. Hall is very quotable.

There is no place for little minds in a great work.” ― Manly P. Hall

Esoteric – intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

I do not agree with this definition and reject it completely actually, now and forever more. There is deception even in the definition. You are warned to stay away. It is inferred you are not worthy. Ancient Mysteries is not much better. There are some recent authors I think are worth a look who present these teachings in a very approachable way for the modern person and others not to my taste. Studying mandalas and ancient texts is not for the faint of heart, just let your heart guide you. Its incredible what you will find. There is no worthy, there is only awareness of the now. The few with power only want you to believe this should stay hidden and don’t want you aware of now or what is inside of yourself. They would prefer no religion I am sure. I believe part of the cosmic bargain or pact between the Light and the Dark is that the Light must always be allowed to be found by those with the desire to look with a pure heart, and so too, the Dark. Pureness by whose standard, well, that’s part of the Mystery. That’s all you need. The Light/Dark are both contained in the other. They can not exist separate from each other.

 Tip 3: Let it shine!

The powers that be have tried hard to offer you many alternatives to looking inside yourself. As dark as things may get, the Light is always somewhere, in us, always a breath way. In total darkness, we can shine and I have found the esoteric path teaches you how to master yourself. There are many liars, frauds and monsters out there, I was one. Takes one to know one. Can you accept you can be a monster, you will, you will 🙂  There are many people lost down dead ends. Many stuck in loops. I have fallen many times myself, but for some reason, always resisted following anyone blindly, as far as I know, which isn’t much. There are some amazingly wise and humble Lights out there as well, you included. You are the Master. You are the Guru. Stop giving your Light to others, let it shine!

Tip 4: There is no right and wrong, only change, flow, cause and effect.

I will be publishing my esoteric library and notes as I feel led in hope to help anyone who cares to follow or lead. I would love your tips as well, but save the judgement. I am not right or wrong. This is my experience, you have yours. Who is right? What is right? What is wrong? Cease differentiating. If you are wondering, I believe nothing. I am nothing. I AM a student of every creed and none. To the followers of all creeds, I salute you in your desire to live a life beyond your senses. Warning, the content on my blog will upset you possibly, but I hope it helps. Secretly, in my ego, I hope I really really piss you off, some of you anyway. Enlightened, who me? There is no right and wrong in my mind and no perfect guide but yourself. These are some tips that helped me. I’m human, most of you are. We make mistakes and change our minds, so perhaps my experience may have some benefit. This is my view from here. Tomorrow it will be different. If you have a strong negative reaction or none to the esoteric, move on or stop and explore that. I do care and hope you look everywhere in the search to know yourself.

Tip 5: Truly enlightened people are as children.

You have your own Light. Being near a holy person or highly vibrating or shining person, will help uncover your Light.  Unfortunately, in my experience, given our tendency to fall on our face at the foot of any greater power, people tend to idolize the one who helped them find their Light. You need no one else’s or need to worship at anyone’s feet. Stand up. Always remember that. We are all students and each other’s teachers. A true teacher will not give you the answers you seek, only create tension and set you up to fall or fly, you can do either in each moment. Pain and pleasure are both great teachers. But pain is not real. Is pleasure? That is part of the Mystery too.

Tip 6: The Truth is free.

You too, for only $19.99 can have the secrets of the Universe. Um, don’t pay for the Truth. Man, that is really really dumb. I mean, books, within reason. There are libraries. All the shuksters are laughing at how stupid we are. They feel justified stealing from us. I have found, after my journeys, these guides written to assist those starting to learn the Ancient Mysteries. The Truth is beyond words. That is a big part of the Mystery, maybe the biggest. I think a workman, though, is worthy of his wages. If someone has taken all the time to write a book and it resonates with you, the least you can do is pay them for the gift and effort if you found value. It should not be this way. I said should, oops. There are many amazing free sources on the Internet. Most everything you can buy you can find for free. And remember, only like 1-2% of the web is on Google.

Tip 7: Experiment and do the work.

I use The Secret Teachings of ALL AGES, again by Manly, as a reference or baseline for most esoteric sources I read. There is a great quote,

Though the demonism of the Middle Ages seems to have disappeared, there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought – especially the so-called “prosperity” psychology, “willpower-building” metaphysics, and systems of “high-pressure” salesmanship – black magic has merely passed through a metamorphosis, and although its name be changed its nature remains the same.” – Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. 101-2

There is no easy way to anything of value. It takes hard work. There are many paths to  this knowledge. There is not a big cash register in the sky. Down this path material things simply loose their shine. You are just playing and wasting your time unless you are ALL IN. Follow your own path. There will be MANY who will try to distract you and feed off of your energy, part of yourself included, again part of The Mystery 🙂 Look past them and yourself. Look into them and into yourself. Know thyself. I found the Tarot on my path. Funny, huh? That is a whole other Mystery, but part of the same. QM is part of it. Alchemy, it is all just spirtual alchemy. Experiment, try on all the clothes. What is needed will stay, what is not will be washed away.

Tip 8: Listen to all and follow none.

If you have spent any time reading my ramblings here, I want you to know these tips and Mysteries are the foundation of all I write and experience. I am learning to live intuitively through spontaneous creativity. Its a skill you have to develop. It is essential for your journey. I thought I would provide a cipher of sorts for my ramblings here with this little guide. I try to distill information I find and experience on my blog. Most of these things are written to myself. As with everything here, I encourage you to express yourself and wrestle with these things. Listen to everyone, follow none. You are missing a lot thinking you have the corner on the Truth. There are those though who do know themselves and just are what they are and can not be described or contained. Be one of those.

Tip 9: Find guides.

They can be anyone and everyone, especially yourself. Follow the Light.

Tip 10: Don’t take my word for any of this, go look for yourself.

Oh, the hubris of me. Smooches.


I AM Awesomesauce

And so are you

Mmmm mmmm good


Petals In the Stream


Been around the world and back
And to that inner one too
Heard all the crazy theories
From the enlightened
And the blockheads many
My best guide
Was following my heart
Moment to moment
Dropping petals as I went
Free from myths and dogma
Unveiling the nature
Of the Universe was
Change and flow
Learning to move in it
And discovering
This is the art of living

There is no God and We are His Prophets

I titled my meditation today with some powerful words from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. These words were spoken by the lone hermit Ely to the man and his boy on the dark grey road to nowhere in a dead world. These words will wreck you as you let their meaning insinuate into your consciousness. If you are a student of yourself, you need to read The Road. The movie wasn’t bad either. It looked exactly as it felt to me in the book. If you have seen The Revenant, the movies are very similar in tone and esoteric meaning. I’m going to write more about the story behind The Revenant later. It is very personal and magickal for me.

Anyway, I have been reading Native American mythology recently so themes of Apocalypse, God, Spirit, Prophecy and Rebirth are swishing around in my head and heart in an alchemical mix at the moment. Why would someone read about Native American prophesies? There is a thread that led me there. It led me to some interesting folks waiting for an Eschaton to destroy the world, aliens of the grey kind, through my own experience with the Apocalypse through the Evangelical religion/cult of my Mother and finally it led me to my true self who I found laughing at me. All I can do now is go through the motions and write the burning words floating up from my soul, my confession I guess or last will and testament maybe. So, on with the confession.

My culture brought the Native American’s judgement and Apocalypse in a way. Our entire culture is built on the ashes of theirs. If any American feels that pride sticking in their throats, that’s why, whether they are aware of it or not. I came across these haunting words in my title today, There is no God and We are his Prophets, as I meditated on my own internal Apocalypse and Apotheosis I have been exploring recently. That is not an end of myself, but an uncovering to the ultimate awareness and expression of myself. That sounds mystical, well, it is. Also, The Apocalypse seems to be coming at me from every input channel these days. That’s what they call a synchronicity. You don’t ignore those. I don’t anyway, not anymore. In a way I am a child of the Apocalypse. Let me explain.

As long as I can remember someone was predicting the end of the world. It is amazing actually when I stopped and thought about it. I was born in 1972 and when I was a boy I remember Walter Cronkite on CBS News talking about the long gas lines and energy crisis every night it seemed or US hostages in Iran. We had acid rain, floods, eroding ozone layer, growth of terrorism into adolescence and the terrible liberals to fear. Reagan came and saved us. Oh and I can’t forget the nuclear bombs flying over our heads and waiting in the ground to unleash Armageddon. The world I grew up in helped to foster a bitter angst and skepticism in me I carried into young adulthood unaware. A ticking time bomb of doubt. I gather now that was more by design than accident. On top of all that my Mother went and got Saved and dragged us all with her. I’ll spare you the details, insert your own inauthentic religious forced experience -> here.

The Christian Apocalypse literalness, as presented to the common Evangelical today as infallible, is laughable. I laugh, ha! All you need to do is consider the source of this doom and gloom and their gold plated fruit, no more to say about it. The metaphorical Apocalypse of the true self and uncovering of our Divinity has been co-opted by a cult and dangerous fairytale! Those are fighting words, so I better back away. Any person who spends a day in this world knows the norm is change, in every Planck unit of time it is a new Universe. It is fear that seeks to build a hedge between yourself and an unknown future. Do not look for an absolute, for that is like putting your foot on shifting sand. There is no bedrock to put your foot on in this decaying material Universe.

Logically to me, the answer, if there was one I often thought, would be found beneath the myths that were presented. I didn’t have a map to that place though, so I was no better off than the rest of the dreaming world. But there was some voice inside of me, some force, that took this opening in my thinking and began to work on it slowly over 2 decades. It just always felt like the right way to look at these things to me. Intuition I have found becomes your greatest guide and friend the more you learn to hear and trust it. What is literal in a world of myth? And that was my only point ever to those around me sharing the delusion we were under, I always felt it was important to think about the things beneath these things in this old book and look beneath the ideas and see the archetypes. Who wrote them? Why? It was at the end of religion and recognition of common archetypes across all religions, myth and culture that led me to an esoteric occult secret about myself. One that I knew I would find.

One I was destined to find it seems.

So today, researching the recurring theme of Apocalypse in my life, I was thinking about the boy from The Road and how often I feel myself walking like him on in a gray dead world that does not know it is dead yet. I found an essay suggesting a correlation between the boy’s father in the book and Virgil from Dante’s Inferno. Virgil could take you through your past and illuminate purgatory, but only we can climb that fiery stairway to Heaven. As Elijah did in that old book. The boy in the story represents the last child God born from the ashes of the old world maybe. A Messiah? The boy asks if there are other people and his father says no. Not anywhere, the boy asks? Maybe somewhere else, the boy says. Does the father live only to keep the boy’s hope alive? Why keep walking? That is the question, isn’t it? I will not spoil it and I am not sure I have a satisfactory answer yet anyway why they still kept walking in that dead world. I think it was partially driven by that unspoken intuition that drives us as a Light in the darkest storm from deep within and because humans have that unique sense of the future and hope keeps you warm in the cold. Better to hope than have none maybe in the end, as many wise sages seem to have said.

That sounds very depressing and shady, doesn’t it? I’m sorry, right now, as I look out the window though, it is beautiful actually. The Diablo mountain range is covered in a fresh coat of pastoral California green against a clear blue sky. The rains have come and gone and left us many gifts. For me I only see unicorns and rainbows now when I think of the Apocalypse. All myth is being washed away from me layer by layer. When I let all the myth of all creeds go and ask myself about the future, I feel a real burning hope and joy. There is no reason for it or specific message. My hope is just a Light burning inside me. I have no use for any other person’s version of reality. I know myself, here, now. What else can I offer you, but my view from here? I found something in myself I could never have dreamed of. That was mystical. I am only beginning to plumb the depths of myself. I invite you to shed your myths and stories. Shed your illusions and dreams about yourself and see what is left.

There is a New Age at hand I believe and I chose to and will play an active hand in bringing it into being with my Light, however it chooses to shine in this world. It is beautiful to me that when I asked myself about what I AM I could only respond with poems and pictures.  The future must be one where we learn to live in balance, so we have to learn to do that today and now. It began and will continue with individuals learning to love themselves first. In this New Age suffering will be seen for the illusion it is, created by our own desire for ourselves. We will and can find Heaven here now. Is that a place of rest? Rest from what? Suffering? Whose? Work? For what did you work? If no one is here suffering or working, who needs to rest? Maybe Heaven is being fully connected in this life, now, because now is all we have. Can you live with now being enough for you? If you can, you will find balance.


9 of Cups


Be sure you are ready to ask
The Last Question
The answer will cost you
Everything you have gained
I learned my purpose
Was to learn to
I thought we did that
I was wrong
I had to learn
To love myself
I had to learn a lot
About what I was not
What was left
Was Me

I learned
I was master of all I survey
Outside and within
I learned to see and feel
The love of the Universe
To see the reality of all I hoped
In the eyes of another
It was a hard road
I’m enjoying the view
I see the Universe alive
Within and outside
Heaven is here
I always ran from it
I think this time
I will rest
And be

Watch Dark Star Online


Rated G? Ha, they were clueless in the 70s. I love 70s sci-fi. I love how destroying planets was rated G. That should tell you something. Anyway, this is for you retro uber nerds, but not the insane nerds that were born before the 1950s. What’s wrong with you guys always wanting to blow shit up, people too?! Watch one of the greatest movies of ALL time online now for free. Its about…Phenomenology?

I guess.

This movie fits into my recent theme exploring Light within and all around. And we are all about alchemy and synchronicity here ‘in’ or should I say ‘at’ the underground. And now without further ado…I present…

DARK STARStrangelove in Space?

The Cassandra Complex

I have often been
In my life
At the right place
At the right time

Could this be
One of Those moments
I have the Universe
Swirling within

Yet, I can be as an
Animal lost in instinct
So at any moment
You could have an

Angel or a Dragon

It would be easy
For one to observe so much
To begin to think that
Awareness means specialness

As Jung
I am still working out my Demons
For they are Legion

I am no Chicken Little
None would listen to my rants
Lovejoy came and went
Pull up a chair for a front row seat

To our Apocalypse

‘I’ as a Ray of Light


Truth is a pathless land. Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, nor through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection…— J. Krishnamurti

“And God said, Let there be Light: and there was Light.” Gen.1:3

I wanted to share some perennial wisdom distilled from many sources by the mysterious Wei Wu Wei in the 60’s, who reminds of Magnum P.I.’s secret benefactor we never saw. It has been coming to me from several places. I have been experimenting with the Taoist idea of Wu Wei, “non-doing”, over the last year. Perhaps better understood through Wei Wu Wei, “effortless doing”, which allows one to express their being creatively in the moment with no thinking, just intuitive non-action. This way of thinking has many benefits.

For me, creating spontaneously using this Way of Non-Action ultimately helped me realize myself as a ray of Light from the Sun.  If you look at the Sun too long, you can forget the trees though.  I realized that I AM just Light, and all rays go back to the same Sun. Behind that Light is Love. To simply Be is evidence of it. But you suffer you say, this is no heaven. Who suffers? What is suffering? What is Heaven? Who is sacrificed? Who dies? Nothing suffers in the Light. In the Light you can only Be what you are. You only suffer when you turn your eyes from yourself. We are all reflecting the same Light back at each other. I hope you will look with new eyes upon each other in recognition of yourself.

Are you a reflection? A “conceptual effect” of the Light being processed by other’s brains? It must be a sick joke! How absurd! I was kidding, better not read any further. I warned you. And yes, you Uber smarties, I just swallowed it all hook, line and sinker. Perhaps I looked at the Sun way too long and it fried my brain. Move along. Nothing to see here but the ramblings of a Fool.


Light on the Subject

Light shines: it does not seek to shine; it does not know that it is shining; it just appears to shine on encountering objective resistance, and shining is all that it appears to be.

Shining, therefore, is the apparent nature, the apparent being of the suchness of Light. And wherever it is shining it never finds darkness – but always itself.

Light in itself is insentient and incognisable, invisible, inaudible, intangible; light is ubiquitous in space although the sky itself appears dark. Sensorially, in manifestation, imperceptible, as light it may be said to have no conceptual existence apart from its shining, but is cognisable only by objective reflection from sensorially perceived particles in our conceptually assumed atmosphere.

All this, however, merely happens to us, or appears to happen or not to happen, to us. We think, and say, that it ‘exists’ merely because it is among the experiences that are sensorially perceptible to sentient beings, among reactions recorded by one or more of our five rudimentary senses and interpreted by the sixth. It appears to happen to us: that is all we can know about it; the assumption that it has any other existence whatever, to suggest that it exists in any manner or degree independently of our cognising of it, is entirely gratuitous. Therefore to think or to speak of it as being this, that, the other, anything whatever or nothing, is merely absurd. All we can ever know of it is what we ourselves think about it; it exists, therefore, as an appearance in our psyche, and it has no known or knowable existence of its own.

‘Light’ is our light: and there is no reason whatever to suppose that there is any other kind of light. And so, being our light, it is an aspect of whatever-we-are; being nothing whatever but whatever-we-are, we must be what it is, and since whatever-we-are must always be reduced to the vocable ‘I’, no matter who says it, Light must be I, and I must be Light. Therefore whatever Light may be, I arise and shine. But I only manifest when I encounter the apparent resistance of objectivity, whereby I shine, for when all apparent objects are removed, objects and I remain in the potentiality of Dhyana, the static aspect of Prajna, which is the not-shining of Light and the apparent darkness of space.

In whatever direction light may be oriented, on whatever resistance it may manifest and shine, it never finds darkness, but always its own light; in whatever direction I may be oriented – all sentience being ‘I’ – never can I find other than I, for whether or not I manifest and shine, I never encounter darkness, but only absence of my light as ‘I’. My presence and my absence, therefore, have none but an apparent difference due to the apparent existence of objects, for there is nothing but what I am as Suchness.

Every shining action which is the apparent aspect of the functioning of Light, finds only itself – for nothing can be perceived that is not illumined by Prajna which I am. Darkness is a concept which entails absence of light, which is the voidness of annihilation. Only in the eternal and ubiquitous shining of timeless and spaceless Prajna can there be sentience, and sentience can be said to be a distributed radiance of prajnaic shining, finding expression dualistically via supposedly independent entities, whose apparent independent existence is a conceptual effect of such divided reflection.

The luminosity of prajnaic functioning, which to every sentient being is ‘I’, renders every action universal – since only the luminous functioning of prajnaic ‘I’ can produce the appearance of action. The supposed individuals concerned may be regarded as phenomenal reflections in whom prajnaic shining is all that they are and all that the vocable ‘I’ can be assumed to imply. (didn’t I say that)

Therefore by ‘the seeing’ of you, you can see me; in ‘the hearing’ of the stream, you can hear the stream; in ‘the cognising’ of the sensorial universe, every sentient being can cognise the universe; and in ‘the apprehending’ of ‘the truth of Ch’an’, every sentient being can apprehend it – and so can be ‘free’.

It is what I am that is seeing,
And I have ten-thousand eyes.