Gate of Fear

I have arrived at my limit
The edge of my capacities
My mind can move no faster
My heart can carry no further burden

If I be one kind of person
Here I stop and take my rest
If I be another kind of person
I will find a way to outsmart my limits

The Seven of Wands has fallen
It challenges me to race with myself
I must run my personal best
And transcend what blocks and inhibits

The great gate threatens
And ominously stands
Blocking my way
The fears and spooks crowd in now

They tickle the back of my mind
Any step I attempt to make
They suggest I turn back
But I must go forward boldly and surely

To rise above the pack
Takes an unconquerable spirit
But how many battles have I lost
How ever can I find the strength now

Mars commands me
It is not whether but when
It is not why but how
Rise up you lazy bag of bones

You have found the seven ways to win
It is no longer theory
For knowledge and wisdom
Have set upon their thrones

Cabala means secret or hidden
I keep no secrets, nor hide a thing
I will give as much knowledge possible
To anyone who shows up

It’s all an illusion, it’s just in your mind
It’s all an illusion, it’s just in your mind
It’s all an illusion, be clever be kind
It’s all an illusion, be clever be kind

Birds in the Storm

Birds huddle close behind the tree
Sheltering from the storm’s fierce breeze
Cold winds howl and rain beats down
But they are safe, under the tree’s leafy crown

Their feathers ruffled, but unafraid
They wait for the tempest to fade
Nature’s symphony in full swing
The birds wait for another day to sing

The branches sway, a natural dance
The birds endure and await their chance
The storm may rage, but they are wise
Nature provides through her green guise

When the sky clears, they’ll take flight
But for now, they rest tight
In the safety of the green
The birds pray to our great Queen

Fill Your Cup

Earth is a place of joy and strife
Where spirits can soar or slither
Some find nourishment in love and life
Others see their spirits eaten and wither

From the mountains to the rolling hills
From the oceans to the fields of grain
This planet has so many thrills and beauty
But it can also bring great pain

For some, the Earth is a sanctuary
A place of peace and harmony
For others, it can be a battlefield
Where their spirits are crushed, you see

So let us be mindful of our surroundings
And do our best to lift each other up
For on this Earth, our spirits are bounding
And it is our choice to fill our cups

With love and light, or fear and doubt
The choice is ours, let’s make it right
For on this Earth, our spirits can sprout
Let’s tend to them and take flight

—smelly goat

Even Stars Die

Death, the great unknown, the final mystery, the end of all our earthly struggles, the cessation of our history.

But is it truly the end, or just a new beginning, a transition to another plane, a chance for the soul to sing?

For death is not a tragedy, but a natural part of life, a chance to be released from pain, and end all earthly strife.

So let us embrace death’s sweet kiss, and trust in its loving embrace, for it is only through death’s door, that we find our final resting place.

—smelly goat 🐐