Let It Be

An ole busker sings me Let It Be.

Mystical Jazz

This is my gift to you, a joy to behold and listen to. Check out Joey Alexander’s My Favorite Things. Happy New Year!

Heaven is Here

When the Mind is Clear
Illuminate the Path
Draw the Mind Back
Pull out of the trap
Hidden in this moment
Buried right where you are at
Its a state of mind
Dissolve your fear
Into Love
Your body is on loan
This is your bridge
To the road home

The Yogi knows
Groove to your
Shine where you are

Looking for Any Interesting Islamic, Buddhist, African, Hindu or other Sacred Music…Exploring…Blow My Mind

If anyone has any particular musical interests in line with the theme of this site, experimenting with the mind, body and soul in search of the Divine, please send me some links in comments.

I REALLY LOVE THIS COLLECTION BELOW. I am learning for me, always very musical, using the foreign mantras is super effective, nothing is distracting.

Amazing New Sufi Jams

I am in love with these beautiful powerful meditative songs. I am new to Sufi music. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Here are a few of my favorites. Who knew? Give them a listen.

I feel these moving up and down my spine tickling my soul. What is this new thing? Her voice, bliss.

I REALLY LOVE THIS COLLECTION BELOW. I have never felt vibrations like this, into me and out the wormhole in my head to where I truly dwell. Enter in, Enter in. These are mysteries only you can plumb. Know Thyself and be True to You.

Hey, I will try anything once. I think this collection is Divine. I am just getting through it. Enjoy.