What is this Place

This place is one way I express the joy and pain of being. I feel we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. We don’t have to label it. We don’t have to do much really but take responsibility for our actions and reactions. Go with the flow, act naturally and relax, as Mel Brooks said, none of us are getting out of here alive.

Smile like you mean it.


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10 thoughts on “What is this Place”

  1. Science is powerful and has literally warped human into technological evolution. Scientific methods and conclusions solely rely on what can be observed through the physical senses. Anything beyond this cannot be understood or validated by science. Furthermore, for the same reason scientific experiments are always conducted in a controlled environment and hence phenomena that are of paranormal or para psychological nature cannot be understood or explained. Sadly, this limits human perception of reality in a grievous way!
    Great blog, lots to gain here 🙂

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    1. Thank you. You know the truth of subjective reality and that we are emanations from the Source. We are All already enlightened. The work is done. We are Loved. We exist. I with others like yourself send out our vibrations and shine. Do not shine for recognition. The world doesn’t need any more gurus. We are to fill the world with beauty and Love, because Brahman may be the void, but it is Love. This I KNOW. So know I see us in the same river, even on the other side of the world and an ocean will deny no river as the great poet said. The seeds planted in the West are sprouting believe me. Change is here, NOW. I see a Golden future. Enough of us have to. In truth, it only takes The One. My life is committed to…nothing…but the moment. I listen to all and follow none and encourage the same. I have no creed but Peace, Love and Light.

      It has taken science 100 years to start to give up the ghost. Consciousness is here to stay and reality has taken a turn for the surreal. This is typical in any great upheaval, they always burn the first to cry the sky is falling. Slowly the boat turns. The mystical will be merged with the material whether they want that or not. Science is not evil or bad, on the contrary, I love science and see only beauty and order in the things they learn and reveal, but objective observation is the trap every advanced race faces. To die to yourself, terrifying, not so bad when you KNOW what you are. I just feel like laughing and lightening my load. Science in the hands of ego driven children is insanity. They gave us what? Longer lives to serve as slaves with the threat of destruction hanging over us. It would be insane and immoral to continue to support and promote that system of bondage. It fell a long time ago. They are just in the process of giving up the ghost. In the meantime we are an immature nasty ego sick species that would kill you as soon as look at you in fear or greed and we will not be allowed to kill the Earth or spread. So mother Gaia has sped some things up as far as I can tell and experienced and yeah, this journey within has been the most mystical thing ever for me and poems are the closest thing and the color blue I can use to describe my feeling of the Divine. Let it shine.

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  2. You’re understanding and passion is admirable. I too hope for a day when we can triumph over our materialistic lifestyle, this consumerist culture propelled by insatiable profit hungry corporate giants that would rather gain a penny than feed a grain to the dying. We live in the matrix of a monopolized world unaware under the mere illusion of freedom and security. And in this deception, we have forgotten who we are, we have suffered and the earth has suffered. We almost snuffed out our light because we couldn’t remember our source.
    But, all in all, as they say the greatest success is just a step beyond the greatest failure and so probably the golden future you envision isn’t far off indeed 🙂 Certainly, I will do my part and send out a light of hope and heal..

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  3. Hello, I noticed that you liked a comment I made on someone else’s blog and I wanted to check out yours. I’m so glad I stopped by here because just reading this passage caused me to really stop and think about life and some of those thoughts/questions that scare me because they run counter to what was ingrained in me at an early age. But you’re right we are curious beings . Back in the 70s when I graduated I was never had a real interest in science but once I got out of school it was then that I wanted to know those things that hadn’t previously appealed to me. I will enjoy hearing your viewpoints from a scientific perspective. Thank you ~Steph

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