From “Epistles to Several Persons: Epistle IV”

“To build, to plant, whatever you intend,
To rear the column, or the arch to bend,
To swell the terrace, or to sink the grot;
In all, let Nature never be forgot.
But treat the goddess like a modest fair,
Nor overdress, nor leave her wholly bare;

Let not each beauty ev’rywhere be spied,
Where half the skill is decently to hide.
He gains all points, who pleasingly confounds,
Surprises, varies, and conceals the bounds.”

—Alexander Pope

Atomic Brando goes Beyond Belief

Introducing Atomic Brando in the Garden


When there
Are just
Beautiful flowers
Blooming inside
What’s left to do
But be cut
And let your
Sweet fragrance
Be enjoyed
By all around
And left to the wind
Or hung to dry
No fear
You shall
Bloom again
Next Year

These are just flowers blooming inside…’tis the season. Cut them, share their fragrance, let them dry, crush them and make a salve of forgiveness. Apply it liberally in your life. You are perennial, you shall bloom forever.

Image – Maturity – OSHO Zen Tarot

Blooming Irises


Soul Food

“If you lose all your worldly goods,
And you only have two loaves of bread –
Sell one of them: take what you get,
And buy some flowers for your Soul instead.” – Sa’adi


Wu Wei to Monterey

Images – Omega – iPhone 6s Plus – Monterey, CA

Blooming Flowers

Now is always here
The future is always on its way
The past has been

In the still moment you can know your place
Fearful and hopeful tomorrows always beyond your grasp
So let them be

Look at how the water moves over the rocks
Listen to the birds singing their song
Smell the sweet new life from the budding flower

Let feelings and signs point the way
You will know what to choose
And your best future will emerge

How can you be in the moment
If you are always looking for it
Wait for it to come to you

The future is just a probability
If your mind lives in the past or future
How can you be here now

Oh the bliss of not Knowing
Oh the bliss of Being
Oh the bliss of Now

Moments in the Garden

Some new growth from my garden. Off to dance with my love.