A Breath In the Holographic Mind of the Omega


What do I know
I move without knowing

When man finished their walk about on the moon
I came to be

That crook was leaving office
The lights were going out and cars sputtering

I grew up in a soup of

Kool Aid
High fructose corn syrup

BPA courses through my veins
Mercury shines in my iris

Did my generation stand a chance
We span the analog and digital

Acronyms tattooed on my soul

Row together
Or drown alone

Our lives are spacetime braids
The particles of You moving through time and space

Perhaps we are living out our lives as simulations
Quantum fluctuations on the surface of a black hole
At the end of time

The Redwoods tower
The waves crash
The sky burns blue, white and gray
The wind blows on my face
The soft smells of good earth on my hands
The still waters lay before me
The warm sun on my face filling my soul
Food and drink fill my belly

I’m alive
Connected to all
Not a waste of space

The secrets of the Universe will come another time
Pull up a front row seat to the Apocalypse

Smile, The Archon Apocalypse Cometh

Rumor is they wait at the end of the rainbow
Devourers of your soul

They were the ones under your bed
That shadow in the corner of your eye

Ancient tentacles insinuating
You have to look sideways

Most ancient of mankind’s enemies
Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Love or Death
The light bearer seeks absolution

Salvation lies within
8th level truth awaits

The greatest game in history about to start again
Ancient Gnostic cabals jockeying for view

Batter up
Pop fly center field

You got this
You have this game clocked

Go into the light
You thought you knew the way

You will end with a whimper
Followed by a great gnashing of teeth

Are you worth saving
Did you learn the secret

I hear those teeth in the distance
Perhaps an appetizer before dinner

The Distillation Progresses Nicely

Truth is the distillation of purpose
A little bit of Buddha, Christ, Brahma, Mohammed
Oh the heresy

We are mind and spirit; an alchemist’s play thing
Cosmic synthesis of parts above and below
Kings and Queens

This moment has perfect vision
I am coming into focus
I am sailing among the stars

My heart rises
Third eye blind no more
Visions abound in the garden of ancient play things

Come and play
Sing songs long forgotten
Join laughing friends waiting for you to arrive

The beauty of the cosmic
Seeing the simple Truth within
Fearing no more

Into the fires of creation
The impurities of I must not be allowed
Many things added to the crucible

Joining together in Love
The fire lapping over us

Truly I have found the Philosopher’s stone
Never the same

Divine Invocations

We are creators of illusion
What would you like to know today
Your future perhaps

Ah, the future, always in motion
Watching the batter’s hips
Waiting for the pop fly

It starts with still water
And ends with your death
No fear

Not what you were wanting to hear
The Truth just doesn’t care what you want
I don’t care what you want

I Love myself
I Love you
I offer my hand as equals

To stand in eternity
No direction

Treasure the peace you find
There is much nothingness out there
But yet, here you are

You were meant to learn to Love
To find your place across great distances
Where you are is where you choose to be

Don’t believe
Believe in what
You are here

Believe in yourself
You are the evidence
Of things not seen

You love being miserable
You love that cigarette on your lips
You don’t care

Half way there
I’m talking to you
I see you

Beautiful in your thrashing
The splendor of silence
The joy of not knowing

Call forth Peace
Call forth Kindness
Call forth Balance
Call forth Patience
In Love for All

Be Love

Seeing Around the Corner

Feel the path
Peek behind the veil of destiny
Love simply

Have Truth in your hearts
Shine the way
Be better

The darkness comes
Visions lost
No one knows

Seek for yourself
And all will be lost
You have enough

Instead seek for yourself
Water that always quenches
Truth that always leaves you full

Beyond secrets
Beyond yourself
Beyond belief

A great knowable mystery
I know this tune
Care to dance

Ancient Hands

Gentle hands guiding

I opened my heart

Many hands

Lifting me up

Pushing me forward

Reflections In a Sphere

Hand_with_Reflecting_Sphere“If each had a candle and they went in together the differences would disappear.” – Rumi

What do I see

What is what

What is do

What is I

What is see

Now we begin

I do not know what I am

I do not know what I do

I do not know this place

But here I am

What is here

Where is where

What are these … zinging around in nothing

I like that…zinging


What are these things in front of me

What are things

I can touch things

Here I am

What is this…Sphere

I will just sit here where I am and look into this Sphere

I think I see something…else

I am being watched

There is something there staring back at me


Hydrogen Dreams

Walking on methane shores

Kaleidoscope hydrogen clouds igniting

Orion on fire

Your face reflects the perfection of this moment

Eternity in either direction

Odd dreams


Light and Love interrupted

Hydrogen and oxygen flowing


How odd to dream of that


What is Fear

Come, let us awake and take our walk

Quantum Mantra Perfection

This is a Quantum conjunction…created and forged before time.

And with lyrics…

Mantra Lyrics

A vision of you there
Standing tall
By the gate

Everything is new
Stare into
What is not

As your bones grow
And you feel the pain
In exchange

Experiences hang
Run round your mind
And collide

Hang your toes
Over the edge
Cause you can

You can switch your place
Hide inside
If you try

You’ll open up your eyes
And realize
How you fit
In the wild

A lion is a lion
No apologies
And a leash
Is a leech

In a corral
You’re safe and warm
Pass it on to
Every Sheep

Time and time again
You stick your self
To accept
Someone else

Give up the wish
Let go of the dream

Burn the dogma
Let the fire
The desire
To define

(I will find a way
To keep this moment)
What’s raging
(For myself I will find a way)
Out of control
Like a wheel

(I will find a way)
Like a storm
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a virus
(I will find a way)
Like an ocean
Like a silence

(I will find a way)
An emotion
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a darkness
(I will find a way)
Like a chance

An idea
(I will find a way)
Like a verb
Like an outrage
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a sunrise
Like a monster
(I will find a way)
Like a monster
Like a mantra
Like a mantra

(Nothing be the same)
(Nothing be the same)
(Nothing be the same)

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

Healing the Insane


We are crazy
Out of our gourds

Delusional really
Terminal cases

You will Die
Accept it

I don’t know how more clear to be

You can’t find the meaning unless you Die
You do not need to be here any longer if you learn

The goal of life is not to live
It is to learn to die

To learn to love
To learn to sacrifice
To find compassion
To realize you have all you need
To let go
To forgive
To accept forgiveness

You can end in eternity
Living in the perfect moments

I was terrified
But no longer

I am perfect in this moment
I chose what I have

I have the power to create anything
But all I feel is Love

Such Joy
Life renewed

Do I have the courage to accept my death
Do I have the faith to let go of belief

I accept my death and what that means
What else is there

What in all of the infinite Quantum could you tell me
Other than the Truth, we are living in a dream

My words mean nothing
This is just a poem and read by few

When the time is right, we will share what is needed
And find the perfect moment

To live every moment in wonder
Perhaps this is what eternal life is

If you let things go
They will come back to you

Image, ‘Miracles of Each Moment’ by Kazuaki Tanahashi