9 of Cups


Be sure you are ready to ask
The Last Question
The answer will cost you
Everything you have gained
I learned my purpose
Was to learn to
I thought we did that
I was wrong
I had to learn
To love myself
I had to learn a lot
About what I was not
What was left
Was Me

I learned
I was master of all I survey
Outside and within
I learned to see and feel
The love of the Universe
To see the reality of all I hoped
In the eyes of another
It was a hard road
I’m enjoying the view
I see the Universe alive
Within and outside
Heaven is here
I always ran from it
I think this time
I will rest
And be


Learning = Thinking = Creativity =


Only Geniuses can save us.

Save yourself!

Hot Teacher


You have to burn something

To learn something

Learning To Be

God is expressed
In Being and Becoming
I’m not moving
Everything else is
I’ll just wait here
And see what floats by

Echoes from the Deep

Ancient Echoes from Ancestors standing behind
Gods of our future pulling us into the Black Hole

Spectral lines of the Illusion visible
The Spirit ebbs, here is what remains

A good Teacher does not instruct
They Create doubt and tension

The Student becomes the Teacher
The Teacher the Student

The Point of Life is that…it ends
Every moment is an opportunity for Growth

Two halves set in motion against one another
The dual shall become One

No one can take the Journey but you
This Path is yours alone

Blue lines of the double Helix merging
The veil torn

Real Life is found
In the Infinite moment

You will move without Knowing
With pure Intent and Compassion

To dance with Eternity
Is to Learn the order of things

You will not Seek for yourself
You will find Peace in other’s Joy

You do not Know yourself
Listen within and be Calm

Swim to the middle
Swim down with no Hope of return

The secret is yours if instead of seeking to Possess
You freely Give all you have

No one knows
You only move in Love when aligned

When you Seek to help first
Instead of to Possess you have a Clue

How long will you settle for abstractions of Truth
Drink Long and Deep from the Source

Do not learn Patience waiting for what you want
Patiently wait for what you Need

In the end it’s all very Simple
Live every moment in Eternity

You must embrace the Secret parts of yourself
The ones you were Warned not to Touch

All Lies and Illusion
To Survive you must be Indivisible

Trust your True self
And you will not Fear

To know thyself is to be connected to All
To be connected to All in Love is Perfection