So long, and thanks for all the fish…


This blog is officially DONE!



Thanks for stopping by and sharing your moments with me since June 2015.

I have enjoyed and been challenged reading your thoughts as well.

This blog is not a masterpiece, it is just a beginning for myself, a divine incantation and thought that is now finished. It feels good to finish something. I was never really good at finishing things. I guess I never really had anything that interesting to write about. I did not set out to do anything but start a conversation with my Self.

I have a lot of ideas bubbling now and many new amazing things I am researching I hope I get to share with the world, but I am going to take a few months off online and “just be” in life and let those go for now. Forget the craziness and live a beautiful life with mon amour.

I shared with you my favorite words to date and all the pretty colors. Now I will finally sign my given name to this blog for the first and last time and never mention this place to another soul. Let it be what it can be. I send my dreams out into the world. I wish you well on your journey. This is my view from here after my short 44 years on this blue marble floating in the middle of something. We are never done, nor is any art.

Much Love,

Eric Garza aka omega

The End

Life As Art

Banksy – Consumer Christ – Jesus with Shopping Bags

“Chasing after words, pursuing phrases, when will you ever be done?
You run yourself ragged amassing knowledge, becoming widely informed
Self-nature is empty and illuminating, so let things take care of themselves
There’s nothing else I have to pass on.

Clinging, craving and the like
I don’t have them on my mind
That’s why nowadays I can say
“The whole world is truly mine!””

— Zen Master Bankei

One Future

the eye is upon us
horus’ perhaps
or other
it may be
we have seen
from the future
we looked
back as one
seeking the present
as we looked forward
hoping to escape
what is there to say
who is there to say it
what is there to see
do you want
to know the future
there is only now
who could be here
and from where
this is the timeless
dance of love


You heard it here first folks…


Save yourselves

For those with the eyes to see

And ears to hear

Here comes the Sun

…to be continued…

Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”

What a synchronicity finding this today about the man who defined that term. Thank you Mr. Jung.

[Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”]

I only know and here I am expressing what countless other people know that the present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.

The myth says he was not to be found where his body was laid. “Body” means the outward, visible form, the erstwhile but ephemeral setting for the highest value.

The myth further says that the value rose again in a miraculous manner, transformed. It looks like a miracle, for, when a value disappears, it always seems to be lost irretrievably.

So it is quite unexpected that it should come back.The three days’ descent into hell during death describes the sinking of the vanished value into the unconscious, where, by conquering the power of darkness, it establishes a new order, and then rises up to heaven again, that is, attains supreme clarity of consciousness.

The fact that only a few people see the Risen One means that no small difficulties stand in the way of finding and recognizing the transformed value. ~ Carl Jung, “Psychology and Religion,” Psychology and Religion, CW 11, par. 149.

Source: Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”

fated fools

i am finally free
the world can save itself
if it wants to come along
it is more than welcome
many are called
but few will become
warriors of the moment
where are the fools
jesters of time
how do they prepare
for a moment
that is not yet here
nor yet there
it is only in the moment
where love can move
where we are all
love’s fated fools
why fight it

Puppet Wisdom

The Art of Dreaming


here I am
fading away
no one can see
slipping through
my fingers
letting it all
what is left
is what is
sifted and burned
holding onto
the Light
as my body
fades away
freeing myself
with no thought
and no movement
seeing with no eyes
awakening in the

Seeing Sigil N. 1


Love Sigil N. 1