Petals In the Stream


Been around the world and back
And to that inner one too
Heard all the crazy theories
From the enlightened
And the blockheads many
My best guide
Was following my heart
Moment to moment
Dropping petals as I went
Free from myths and dogma
Unveiling the nature
Of the Universe was
Change and flow
Learning to move in it
And discovering
This is the art of living

Published by

an ole smelly goat

nothing interesting

4 thoughts on “Petals In the Stream”

  1. Well done. I think you handled enjambment to replace punctuation well, which adds to the fluidity of my reading. But, i did trip at line 5, supposing it to be inverted. Also, i think your poem would benefit from replacing a “finding” perhaps with “unveiling,” a more grandiose word for a more majestic end?

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    1. Thank you for your comments. I like unveiling better too, but I think discovering feels better to me. I write all my poems spontaneously and rarely edit. I’ll use unveiling earlier. I reversed line 5 on purpose, little Shakespearean allusion. And I wanted to emphaize how many blockheads there are, many. I’m getting more clear and the words are flowing easier. I like the alchemy here. Thanks.

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