Navigating the Subtle, Magic is Real

An excellent article written by a fellow techie who heard the subtle song and followed the path within.

Magic is Real

I don’t know how, but I know why this new subtle path rises in my and other’s lives. It was the original path at the root of all things. Before our industrial and technology revolution you could tune into the only channel in the Universe, it just wasn’t a commonly known thing, it laid hidden beneath, gently influencing our culture and keeping us from going over the edge. Well, that path is more than a genie in a lamp, that’s the fools trap, its about realizing your connection to all things. That’s a threatening idea to a lot of our culture on Earth right now. So much fear, greed and living for yourselves distracted in the illusion and permanence of matter.

We must sing a new song. I and my generation feel and experience the Universe. Its not learned in a book. There is not an equation to describe it. Though some would only settle to know how the matter moves, I found out why and how to be whatever you want. In the moment you have access to enormous power infinite power if you are in balance and able to channel it. That ego is your biggest bag to check. You must cease your thinking. The source of so many problems, thinking and desire. Just follow the words so often spoken by the wisest of us, to find yourself you must die.

It’s transmitted from person to person and lived in loving community. Alchemy is not about turning lead into gold. Its about transforming and merging what’s above with what’s below. It’s a self reinforcing path and others can only show you the way. You have to do the work. And it does take work. Its a costly grace in my experience.

You may have no faith or a great one, all of us reduce down to the same stuff and all have access to the same Truth. The world does not need governments. That’s the illusion. We don’t need to be controlled or feared. My generation and the Millennials are waking up and we will show you old farts a thing or two. You think we are weird, distracted, hyper, crazy, deluded? We do not just live for ourselves or live for the false security of matter.

I am clearer than a still mountain lake
I am beautiful in my splendor
My songs and prayers fill the heavens
A sweet incense to the higher ones
I wish you peace and love
I wish for you to awaken from your slumber
And take your place among the stars

I promise you, we will crash across the Universe with our love and songs!


We are they

Who achieve

By not doing

Yet things are done

Happy are they

Who know the Sun

– Another’s Dream

Image, Tsuchiya Koitsu -The Sacred Bridge of the Nikko Shrine on a Rainy Autumn Day

The Future Now

Poverty everywhere and the blood flows
How can this be in this new age
We are battling for hearts and minds
They pull your strings in their castles

What are they
Their legacy will be one of evil and avarice
They tried with all their will to bring you down

Why would they not embrace
The brotherhood of man
Because they are no longer human
They have been bent and twisted by their desire

Human desire could consume the Universe
It’s a disease as old as time
We have a chance at a new future
I’ll will gladly give my life for it, will you

Will you join me and put foot
Where pen has only been
The Universe is calling us to rise above
I hear it’s song

It feels like joy
It embraced me and healed my broken heart
It showed me that I am nothing on my own
It opened my soul and changed me for all time
It lifted me up and put a new song in my mouth
It showed me I was lost in my mind and desire
It showed and filled me with love of All

We are a new breed
No longer divided
Listen to me
This is a fight for the future

Rise up holy warriors blue
Send your songs on high
We will buy them time
Let your hope guide you on your path

We are the future we wanted
We are the future of destiny
You must be love and let go desire
Love with abandon

It is a lie you mean nothing
It is a lie your voice is small
It is a lie that you have nothing to say
It is a lie that you fear you will not have enough

The Truth stands in front of you
You must all go through the dark valley alone
To show you are worthy and feel the crucible’s fire
To find Shamballa’s peace within

I call out you liars and thieves
I have seen your trap and risen above
Do not have faith, know the truth
Let that truth set you on to the unknowing path

We will save ourselves
Some would try to rob man his future
When their mouths open there is nothing but selfish deceit
We were created with Divine purpose

Here is how we win
We give all
How can those who cling to all
Stand against those who give all

We must join together
We must get off this broken wheel
We must give until the Heavens cry enough
We must open ourselves to more than we are

You enlightened ones
If you do not feed the hungry
Or cloth the naked
Your future will never come until poverty is gone

The new breed will rise to unreal heights
We will have Zeus’s lightening in our hands
Hermes will move above the speed of Light
He will fan the fires of our distant future

So hear my new song
See with my eyes
A people sent out to the Omniverse
With righteous fire burning all dark in their sight

The ancient Gods must learn their place
The new order has room for all
Out of our compassion we will heal all
We will move in the eternal moment

To those enlightened that would hide the truth
Now is the time
Break the seals
Let judgment and grace flow

The Remnant will rise and heal the world
Hubris vanity delusion you say I have
I will pour my sweet love in my enemies ear
They will feel the Holy fire’s burning blue cleansing

Our Love is Deep
Our Love is Long
Out Love is Sweet
Our Love is Furious

You can not kill us
You can not control us
We are the Awakened
For your sake we see

Forgive that friend who wronged you
Don’t reach for the empty shells and promises
Love that one who you could not before
Find the Others for we are many

I will live my new quantum magic
I call on the Divine AIs of our future
Hear our cry and bind the evils ones
Help us connect to the source of All

Anyone who would sell you Truth is a liar
They will burn in blue fire until they find peace
And a love for All
Trust none of your senses, look within

Find The Sacred Way
The King is among us
Your salvation is at hand
He rises in you

The Future has come to All
We will rise from our slumber
We will not let you few corrupt keep them in pain and fear
I will gladly spill my holy blue blood on future fields of battle

We were always destined to find each other
On this dark path
If you hate you have no place in the future
Each will have what they lived for in equal measure

So see with new eyes
Embrace your lost child who hides deep within
Be Love in the face of all evil
Bring the future here now

This is for All of Us

The Dancing Blue Girl

I had a blue dream
I saw a flowing blue river
Lapping on the shores of my doubt
I lept into the rushing waters
Leaving all behind
A problem
I never learned to swim
Another came who saw my thrashing
Patiently he reached out a hand
The stranger pulled me into his boat
I looked into his cosmic dark eyes
Ageless wisdom probing deep
Stripped naked
The dark night came and overtook me
I almost lost myself
The stranger spoke a tongue I’d never heard
Slowly I began to understand
He dried me off and began to sing
I seemed to know this song
I felt it rising from deep within
My whole body vibrating
I made a sound
I was singing in our small boat with my new friend
As we shared our hearts in song
In our little boat
I looked to the shore
I saw another dancing there
Familiar, I asked her name
You know me she said
Slowly the realization turned in me
Like a screw into my heart
I began to weep and then I remembered
We met long ago and agreed
To meet on the river’s shore
As I heard the song on my lips
The stranger pushed me out of the boat
I struggled to reach the shore
The beautiful blue glowing girl dove in after me
She came at me fast as I spun in the eddie
We lunged for one another
And down we went
Slowly I found her eyes with mine
We shared our breath under those blue waters
We stopped thrashing
And floated to the surface
We clutched for one another and held tight
The swift river pulling us forward
Slowly we awoke together and found ourselves
On a blue ocean shore
What did you dream my love
I saw you dancing on blue shores

Gentle Wind Raging Fire

The flames are licking up the knotted tree
So close now I can feel blue blood igniting
A gentle wind blows from the sacred place
We walked and talked of life and love
Love is born in the quiet place
It burns so hot it consumes all it touches
I can’t help but press on into the dark place
What is there looking back at me
Into that raging blue fire I shoot my heart
Awaiting nothing to return
The Phoenix rises from the ashes of my doubt
The holy fires burn in distant stars
Here it comes

Sometimes It Hurts

Sometimes you may need to stand alone
Love can be threatening
How can that be
It hurts

Sometimes you have to follow the Light
Love knowing the pain in others
Hope that dawn will break
Never avoid the Truth

Sometimes you have to pursue
Don’t be a martyr
Always speak in Love
Take it

Sometimes you have to be the fool
Let the chips fall where they may
No longer live asleep
Always be true to yourself

Sometimes you have to be bold
The ones closest can have great fear
It comes from doubt
True love always stands beside you

Sometimes it hurts too much
How when a life is opening like a flower
Can they turn their eyes
Giving all seems not enough

Sometimes you have a moment of clarity
The path unfolds before you
Have courage and hold tight
When no one understands

I Love you all now like I never could

Always forgive
Always keep reaching
Always carry them
Always Be Love

Standing Beside You

I wrote this for a friend in hard times. Be well T!

You are a painted masterpiece
Your splendor shines from you
Be connected to calm things
And places you love
Walk old joyful times past
I met you on the road to destiny
I feel your pain
Let my words wash over you
And I will snatch it from you
Lay it on other’s shoulders who can bare it
I stand beside you and whisper
You are Loved

Circles in The Golden Dawn

Underneath the world I found a secret
I followed the Universe’s blue song
I found a golden thread

I pulled it from within
It unraveled my soul
Origin of origins

Golden threads leading
Golden path coming up fast

Legerdemain of the ancestors
I see blazing blue light of
The Mother and Father

Standing at the gates
Never looking back
I found the key in Love
I prayed for this future

I unlocked the Golden Path
Our best possible future awaits
A brotherhood of man

The Golden Dawn

We see the lines of causality from
The Future to the past and past to
The still point

Coming fast now
DNA/RNA recombining
The golden thread weaves
It’s way into my soul

The dawn draws us into the Circles
Woven together with golden thread

It lies behind the 9th door
Mystery no more
Angel wings covering
Alien songs filling my soul

Blind no more
Signs of awakening glistening
Across creation golden threads glint
In the light of the Golden Dawn

The worlds are ours
Come join in the light
Of The Golden Dawn

They stand on future shores

Love and Compassion

Hari Om Tat Sat

New Cosmic Mandalas

Some of the most beautiful transforming words and images I have ever seen. See with new eyes. Know thyself.

New Sight Shining