For New Seekers of the Ancient Mysteries

Tip 1: Don’t seek, let things come to you.

You can prepare the way though by balancing your mind, body and spirit. You can just stop here and continue on your merry way, but I will share some tips I think might be interesting and helpful for the one who seeks to know The Ancient Mysteries themselves. (Note: I have found the above link a great source of what I feel is genuine information for consideration, at least a good starting point, for they teach the way within and ask nothing from you, YMMV) It doesn’t have to be as hard for you as it was for me, or maybe it does. You begin to understand the Mad Hatter on this path, you were warned. If you do seek, why and for what? Because intention is the key to your future; lived in the now. If you have never sought these Mysteries and have no idea what I’m talking about, well, please check out the links above and search for your own sources. Your intuition can guide you.

Tip 2: Check what you know at the door. Because you don’t know anything.

If you don’t have imagination or an ability to put aside what you know and explore, keep walking. You are wasting your time if you want to argue these things or convince others. You are either aware or you are not. You must approach as a wondering child and what you need will come when you are ready. You can always see yourself in others. Find the others. I want to introduce Manly P. Hall. I have found him to be a very genuine source of guidance. There are many good sources and guides I have found when needed. I would highly recommend you start by reading his book, “Words to the Wise – A Practical Guide To The Esoteric Sciences“. It’s short and a great guide. It provides a good introduction to most esoteric paths in all major religions and secret organizations. There is much we are not told. It provides some good tools to evaluate the information you will find. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Be like water. Try what comes your way. Keep an open mind! Be of no mind actually, no thinking, you will get to that part. My entire blog here is a celebration of action with no thinking. Read RAW if you like sci-fi! Mr. Hall is very quotable.

There is no place for little minds in a great work.” ― Manly P. Hall

Esoteric – intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

I do not agree with this definition and reject it completely actually, now and forever more. There is deception even in the definition. You are warned to stay away. It is inferred you are not worthy. Ancient Mysteries is not much better. There are some recent authors I think are worth a look who present these teachings in a very approachable way for the modern person and others not to my taste. Studying mandalas and ancient texts is not for the faint of heart, just let your heart guide you. Its incredible what you will find. There is no worthy, there is only awareness of the now. The few with power only want you to believe this should stay hidden and don’t want you aware of now or what is inside of yourself. They would prefer no religion I am sure. I believe part of the cosmic bargain or pact between the Light and the Dark is that the Light must always be allowed to be found by those with the desire to look with a pure heart, and so too, the Dark. Pureness by whose standard, well, that’s part of the Mystery. That’s all you need. The Light/Dark are both contained in the other. They can not exist separate from each other.

 Tip 3: Let it shine!

The powers that be have tried hard to offer you many alternatives to looking inside yourself. As dark as things may get, the Light is always somewhere, in us, always a breath way. In total darkness, we can shine and I have found the esoteric path teaches you how to master yourself. There are many liars, frauds and monsters out there, I was one. Takes one to know one. Can you accept you can be a monster, you will, you will 🙂  There are many people lost down dead ends. Many stuck in loops. I have fallen many times myself, but for some reason, always resisted following anyone blindly, as far as I know, which isn’t much. There are some amazingly wise and humble Lights out there as well, you included. You are the Master. You are the Guru. Stop giving your Light to others, let it shine!

Tip 4: There is no right and wrong, only change, flow, cause and effect.

I will be publishing my esoteric library and notes as I feel led in hope to help anyone who cares to follow or lead. I would love your tips as well, but save the judgement. I am not right or wrong. This is my experience, you have yours. Who is right? What is right? What is wrong? Cease differentiating. If you are wondering, I believe nothing. I am nothing. I AM a student of every creed and none. To the followers of all creeds, I salute you in your desire to live a life beyond your senses. Warning, the content on my blog will upset you possibly, but I hope it helps. Secretly, in my ego, I hope I really really piss you off, some of you anyway. Enlightened, who me? There is no right and wrong in my mind and no perfect guide but yourself. These are some tips that helped me. I’m human, most of you are. We make mistakes and change our minds, so perhaps my experience may have some benefit. This is my view from here. Tomorrow it will be different. If you have a strong negative reaction or none to the esoteric, move on or stop and explore that. I do care and hope you look everywhere in the search to know yourself.

Tip 5: Truly enlightened people are as children.

You have your own Light. Being near a holy person or highly vibrating or shining person, will help uncover your Light.  Unfortunately, in my experience, given our tendency to fall on our face at the foot of any greater power, people tend to idolize the one who helped them find their Light. You need no one else’s or need to worship at anyone’s feet. Stand up. Always remember that. We are all students and each other’s teachers. A true teacher will not give you the answers you seek, only create tension and set you up to fall or fly, you can do either in each moment. Pain and pleasure are both great teachers. But pain is not real. Is pleasure? That is part of the Mystery too.

Tip 6: The Truth is free.

You too, for only $19.99 can have the secrets of the Universe. Um, don’t pay for the Truth. Man, that is really really dumb. I mean, books, within reason. There are libraries. All the shuksters are laughing at how stupid we are. They feel justified stealing from us. I have found, after my journeys, these guides written to assist those starting to learn the Ancient Mysteries. The Truth is beyond words. That is a big part of the Mystery, maybe the biggest. I think a workman, though, is worthy of his wages. If someone has taken all the time to write a book and it resonates with you, the least you can do is pay them for the gift and effort if you found value. It should not be this way. I said should, oops. There are many amazing free sources on the Internet. Most everything you can buy you can find for free. And remember, only like 1-2% of the web is on Google.

Tip 7: Experiment and do the work.

I use The Secret Teachings of ALL AGES, again by Manly, as a reference or baseline for most esoteric sources I read. There is a great quote,

Though the demonism of the Middle Ages seems to have disappeared, there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern thought – especially the so-called “prosperity” psychology, “willpower-building” metaphysics, and systems of “high-pressure” salesmanship – black magic has merely passed through a metamorphosis, and although its name be changed its nature remains the same.” – Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. 101-2

There is no easy way to anything of value. It takes hard work. There are many paths to  this knowledge. There is not a big cash register in the sky. Down this path material things simply loose their shine. You are just playing and wasting your time unless you are ALL IN. Follow your own path. There will be MANY who will try to distract you and feed off of your energy, part of yourself included, again part of The Mystery 🙂 Look past them and yourself. Look into them and into yourself. Know thyself. I found the Tarot on my path. Funny, huh? That is a whole other Mystery, but part of the same. QM is part of it. Alchemy, it is all just spirtual alchemy. Experiment, try on all the clothes. What is needed will stay, what is not will be washed away.

Tip 8: Listen to all and follow none.

If you have spent any time reading my ramblings here, I want you to know these tips and Mysteries are the foundation of all I write and experience. I am learning to live intuitively through spontaneous creativity. Its a skill you have to develop. It is essential for your journey. I thought I would provide a cipher of sorts for my ramblings here with this little guide. I try to distill information I find and experience on my blog. Most of these things are written to myself. As with everything here, I encourage you to express yourself and wrestle with these things. Listen to everyone, follow none. You are missing a lot thinking you have the corner on the Truth. There are those though who do know themselves and just are what they are and can not be described or contained. Be one of those.

Tip 9: Find guides.

They can be anyone and everyone, especially yourself. Follow the Light.

Tip 10: Don’t take my word for any of this, go look for yourself.

Oh, the hubris of me. Smooches.

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13 thoughts on “For New Seekers of the Ancient Mysteries”

  1. “Listen to all and follow none”, this one cracked me up quite some. I could not agree more. Great tips. Especially thanks for sharing the links. Words to the wise seems very interesting!

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    1. I always appreciate the comments you make here and elsewhere. I, like you, perhaps am writing to myself mostly and whoever might be passing by. I recently considered deleting what I feel are the most beautiful feelings and ideas I have ever expressed anywhere. I, like the Buddhists monks I thought, would wipe all my words away as a sign of awareness and understanding. It is HARD to press that delete button. Perhaps I was being too rash 🙂 I write everything from my heart anyway, so I can’t loose it. Then I realized it would be a shame to remove the incense I am offering from the world. There were so many voices, I had to shout ENOUGH and then a kind soul helped me realize, no one knows and you have all within yourself. It was me. Your writing reminds me of that too. I am most curious about people’s motivations be it from pain, love, knowing or fear. So we will keep on expressing ourselves fearlessly I think. Yes, I will do that.


      1. Wow, I did gather, from all your posts, a sense of higher realization that you seem to hold. And the fact that you’re putting it all out there without expectations more so as a means to release some of it into written words so that they serve as ideas and thoughts that can be revisited outside of your mind. It would be a loss and a shame to delete any of it. I find great insight in your posts. One in particular that I re-blogged, cracking the egg. Fantastic that one. A lot of my friends and fellow bloggers agree. So keep writing and keep offering the incense from the world to other people for they are yet to feel the magnificence you already swim in 🙂

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      2. We are all students, right. I read everything. I mean, I can’t stop reading, but that started in force after my mystical awakening. I have a community I am grounded in. That is important. You have to experience and live these things to know them. Manly Hall is a great teacher if you have never spent anytime with him. I am on the Way of the Fool. Its kinda like self initiation. I can’t exactly explain it. Most is beyond words. But as a writer, to quiet the mind is tough and not read everything. So I am learning to let my intuition lead, and you know, that was the secret. Not all westerners are corrupt wanting to rule the world and have all the money. Most of the ones that don’t are living for a better world or scared of losing what little they have. Our culture is quite insane and schizophrenic. Our culture is a cult for the dreaming. The powers that be have created the Right Wing here, which is eating the world, knowing its evil, but stable. I have only arrived to the awareness of my Oneness and through experience my intuition just fills in the picture. I find no place to put my foot in the flow now. But I know even the small vibrations we are making a difference and sharing in this Internet land means something and is valuable. I had some thing tell me when I started writing I had no idea what I was putting into motion for myself and others. Sorry, not to share a lot about me. I am of no consequence. I know what I AM is all and I can’t stop singing it 🙂

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      3. I shall explore Manly Hall. However you awakened is fascinating. I have yet to. And yes I do agree any small work we do in terms of sharing knowledge makes difference and the more us out there, the better! When you started writing, you had something tell you? Do you mean you were channeling? And by all means, it’s interesting to hear your story so do not hesitate to talk about yourself.

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      4. Well thanks Swetha. I am just going with the flow 🙂 I know you have found a few of the folks I have. I see some common themes. I see that experience in you as well. Curious, what are you motivations for sharing what you do online? Is it personal or part of something else?


  2. Now everyone will see me, so be it. The fool must be naked and foolish.

    I have no purpose or mission but to be and shine. I don’t like to label things, but what happened? After I had an awakening experience, I started writing poetry spontaneously 8 months ago. My own internal Apocalypse, an uncovering, a remembering. I was given a vision of our Apotheosis. I was freed in an instant from lifelong problems and my healing to wholeness and balance began, physically, mentally and spiritually. Things were brought to me I needed. Teachers and friends. I left my creed. The hardest thing I did. It cost me a lot. Again, I had no mission but to know myself. So I went around and listened to all. My spirit gave me all I needed. I had some visions, delusions of grandeur? You asked, it happened. I was radically blown apart. I had knowledge and awareness I should not have, then I read them in books. They led me to the ancient mysteries, esoteric and occult. There is no good and evil I found, just clarity or opaqueness. Recently, I have been writing about things that um I’m just driven to study. I never wrote anything my whole 42 years, then 8 months ago this started happening, my writing. A teacher helped me understand, I had come with right intention, for myself and sake of others, and spontaneous action occurred, Wei Wu Wei, effortless moving. I never studied a word about the Tao or the East. Do I hear voices? No, haha, just my own babbling in my head and heart, there seems to be 2 folks in my head, the soul mind and the animal. Easy to spot animal thinking now that my soul mind has ascended to control. I’m still an animal 🙂 Just one with Light inside. I would just have feelings and clear understanding. Every single thing I wrote here I did spontaneously. I did not plan one thing here. This blog for me is evidence of what happened inside me. I just woke up to I AM. Not too mystical, wrong! It means something. I feel led forcefully, compelled to write and connect now. I just connect with people now as the opportunity presents. I am ready to share and give all of myself in the moment now and it is supernatural focus and attention. The words just come. I have no plan but being as still in the now I can. Do u see my face here or discussions of plans or worry about the world? I sell nothing. Want nothing. Fear nothing accept myself. I only want to share my light and help people wake up. I am being trained now, I know. I am blissfully empty. In this place I can only say what I am experiencing is what other people describe as miracles. Shrug. Somehow a guy connected to some Babaji dude connected with me about you have a mission yada yada. I wrote my first poem in response to a question by a famous spiritual teacher. Fame and wealth are dangerous. Ha. I kid you not. I am writing this insanity to myself. Continue reading at your own risk. My first poem after my month long Apocalypse. It came from a blue light emanating inside me 🙂 Now you know I’m crazy. Here it is. Peace.


  3. I read this a while back. I guess I like most of it. It is what made me follow you if you want the truth of the matter. Nothing here is inherently right or wrong. As you say, you’ve thrown it out there, fruit for the picking. Not too bad on the munchie scale on the whole. Omega is a very good name for you. It suits you fine. 🙂

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    1. I just pointed here because you had mentioned you had surveyed other creeds and thought and I thought Manly Hall was a good reference for you if you were not aware of him. Not promoting my writing.

      I could care less who likes my stuff or not. I’m not writing for ego or anything other than how I am led in the moment. I write to myself and others when it seems there could be some value. I usually have a lot of study and personal experience behind everything I write. And there is a reason I write. To follow the Way of the Fool is to stand naked in front of the world. I don’t understand it, but you have to stay true to your heart always. Seems to be baring some fruit 🙂 BTW, my name is “omega”, not Omega, I am only a part of the whole 🙂 We are not whole yet. Much to come.

      Much success in your research!

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      1. Oh, and if we have no other words and you listen to nothing else from me, check out the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, he is the real deal in my experience. He has many free talks on youtube. He has a lot of experience with Taoism and has a whole talk on it. If you like his youtubes, you will get a lot from the book. Ignore Oprah’s blessing, oops, no judgment.

        DISCLAIMER: I believe in the Way of the Fool and the hard work of spiritual transmutation back to the Light and your Source. There are no easy paths. I have nothing to do with New Age thinking. It is just a bastardized form of the Ancient Mysteries with a shiny wrapper on it. In a way the New Age is like fly paper I think for ego led spirituality. – Series covering Tao Te Ching. Best I’ve heard. – Tao Te Ching Overview presentation.

        He laughs like Renfield, cracks me up. Cracks me up thinking of his little chuckle now. Oh, my dear Eckhart.

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