The Cassandra Complex

I have often been
In my life
At the right place
At the right time

Could this be
One of Those moments
I have the Universe
Swirling within

Yet, I can be as an
Animal lost in instinct
So at any moment
You could have an

Angel or a Dragon

It would be easy
For one to observe so much
To begin to think that
Awareness means specialness

As Jung
I am still working out my Demons
For they are Legion

I am no Chicken Little
None would listen to my rants
Lovejoy came and went
Pull up a chair for a front row seat

To our Apocalypse

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27 thoughts on “The Cassandra Complex”

  1. I wonder what the Apocalypse is that you are predicting? Is it the biblical one, if so, why now, since it has been predicted hundreds of times over the past 2000 years. Sorry to ask the poet. I think it shows my failing to understand.
    I got the Chicken Little reference. The Jung stanza is plain spooky. I missed the McShane inclusion.
    All in all interesting and I would love to here more about it.

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    1. Look up Cassandra Complex. This was inspired by an amazing thread up on GLP. My poems are encoded with all my esoteric influences as well as reflecting back the insanity that is the Apocalypse, in all of it’s permutations. The zeitgeist around Eschaton and Apocalypse is reaching a fever pitch. I simply tried to reflect it back. There are secrets in this poem too 🙂 I’m no prophet, just a fool.

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      1. I know what a Cassandra Complex is. The most famous person I can think of to believe he had that Complex, and who predicted the Apocolypse in “their lifetimes”, was a chap called Jesus. But it appears the timing was not fully correct or mis-reported, and we are still waiting.

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      2. 🙂 The timing is never right it seems. They always get the timing wrong. September 27th 2015 anyone? Or is it that the things predicted happen, but just not like anyone thinks. I suspect these Internet predictions have some validity in the unconscious. Jung is a Cassandra. His Red Book seems to suggest a comet destroying the Earth, thus my comet Lovejoy reference that was supposed to destroy the world last year. See a theme here? Every 6 months now, another prediction. Fascinating. I am not above it. I am caught up in this Zeitgeist somehow also through my dumb poems and snooping. Have you seen the Red Book images, his demons? There are a few real Cassandras alive today I believe. I am one in my field of technology. Always had a 6th sense about tech. I found an interesting Hopi prophecy concerning the Earth cracking like an egg on some obscure forum with other Hopi Timekeeper prophecies. I notice that underground stuff sometimes. I put a lot of stock in Indian spiritual visions, having had a few of my own through their guidance. Who am I? All I can do is write weird poetry about it and keep looking. I think I’m on to something.

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      3. And for the record, I believe nothing accept what I experience and the only Apocalypse I know of is the one that took place in me, which was the Apocalypse I was referring to, I was making fun of the prophets. I better watch out, one of them might be right. No one reads poetry anyway and certainly not mine. I write it to myself and to the Mystical ones out there listening. You must be weird and mystical, which means I am sure I like you. Not only did you read, but you reached out. I loved your Way of the Fool posts. Synchronicity for sure for me with a lot of meaning, as I was studying that.

        As far as the Christ Consciousness returning, near as I can tell, we are it. Funny, how every other religion thinks that too except the Christians. He has to come on the clouds with fire and brimstone and burn all the baddies up for them to be happy. They would dance around the bonfire of Man. Disgusting! No judgement, it just makes me want to puke. Here’s hoping the next 2000 years are a little better than the last. You know the US has machines reading everything and creating crazy theories from our collective unconscious Zeitgeist. The Internet is their wet dream. They don’t do that to make a better world, they do that to make it easier to sell hamburgers. Paranoid, who me? Tag, you’re it now.

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  2. Interesting, diverse set of ideas. Stephen Hawking the physicist seems to be on the same wavelength as you. Recently he has been predicting Robot Apocalypse, Climate Disaster, Famine, Thirst, Asteroid Collision, Zayn Malik leaving One DIrection, to name but a few.
    The facts are that we are all going to die. I don’t need anyone to tell me about Apocalypses frankly, unless you want a research grant.
    All the best with the doom digging. It’s been a constant rant for thousands of years and it never seems to go out of fashion.
    Take care.

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    1. You made me wade in and explain my poem, its sticky in there. I did say that I was only talking about the most important Apocalypse, the uncovering that needs to happen inside. If you read my blog, that is all I am talking about. I don’t care about the new fashionable reason for the end of the world. I found heaven around me and hell is what I make it. As above, so below. Thanks for reading and really thanks for the chat. I love hearing responses. Take care.

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      1. I know it’s forbidden to ask an artist what they mean. But … you did refer to Lovejoy, Chicken Little, the Universe and our Apocalypse, so I am forgiving myself for mentioning the Big Apocalypse rather than any smaller versions. I thought, mistakenly it seems, that Apocalypse with a capital letter could only stand for one thing. Silly me.

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      2. I think the meaning of art comes out through this kind of discussion as well as first impressions. I don’t always understand it consciously. Art is never made solo or in a vacuum. It is always a snapshot of a moment in time in someone’s head. It’s fun to wonder what they felt and saw. Thanks for making me think and feel it again.

        I did put a lot into it and there were like 5 or 6 different inputs. It means…nothing and everything at the moment I wrote it. I remember the feeling I felt writing it was freedom and playfulness and frustration at all who refuse to look inside for the answers they so desperately hope will come from above. Sometimes I use punctuation or syntax to highlight emotion. Rarely do things have one meaning. Its like the Tarot I find creating. Things are sewn into it from deep inside you intuitively. I was playing with words and ideas and the context for all of it, as is with most of my writing, wonder. As I become a better writer perhaps that will become more clear. I write with the opaqueness that is uniquely my own at this point in my life. I hope I can become more clear, though sometimes it is fun to obscure and show your naughty bits. I think whatever the Creator is, it is a fool and joker.

        Yes, you are very silly 🙂

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      3. I think you see yourself as a Trickster. I wonder which trickster you most closely associate with? Loki? Bugs Bunny? Dionysus? I understand a little more now. All the best.

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      4. Thanks for that. I have never realized the link between Jung and Hermes before. I had never personified a psychopomp nor am I an expert on the Greek Pantheon. I will look into it some more. Thanks again. Glad I asked my questions. I am learning slowly.

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      5. Psychopomp, freakin love that word. Touché my friend. Better read than me. I’m catching up slowly. I slowly back away from you bowing low.

        You know, I loved The Young Ones! Rest in peace Rick 😦

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      6. I’m deadly serious in the most absurd way I can be. I didn’t make all of this, did you, or did I? I just see this funny joke everywhere I look these days. The cards are laughing at me. It can’t be true. Who is the trickster?

        Who would ever have figured this out, not that I intended you to, but the first stanza is a homage to the first scene of the movie Magnolia, the narrator actually. He is a great con man and magician.

        One is the loneliest number…

        “The narrator recounts three instances of incredible coincidences and suggests that forces greater than chance play important roles in life.” – Wikipedia

        Best to back away slowly, you don’t want to wade too far into my brain, you will only find yourself there looking back at you. I can not be seeing some of these things that can not be, can I?

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  3. Not a movie that I have seen. I will find it an watch it when I get time. Thanks. As for life laughing at us… of course. Why not? Who but a mad man would invent a world where everyone has to eat each other to stay alive, then sit back and watch the fun. Now there is a sense of humor.
    Also I don’t believe in chance. As Einstein said, “God does not play dice”. If She did, then how would she know everything, and hence why else would she be mad?
    I am glad there is substance to your poem, it just seemed rather absurd (as you would say) until you cast some light on it. Thanks for explaining it.
    I am sorry that I haven’t looked through the rest of you blog as yet to know how you think.

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    1. Then one should look. Context is important when forming judgements about art. Best to not and just let it wash over you. I have been going back through Bowie’s work and I see the esoteric thread now. Who can understand a poem or a song? It is an echo of feelings and as close to the indescribable as we can come maybe.

      I personally am just wrecked by Wei Wu Wei. This is how I think, live and love, “effortless action”, My recent series of posts are all exploring the idea that we are nothing but Light ultimately. As you say, with such a Gnostic turn, in the material plane, everything eats something. Scary or not, depends on the context and how big your teeth are 🙂

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      1. I always feel that true art should be immediate and speak to me directly rather than through context. So if I don’t “get it” then I am just not ready for it yet. But learning about context is required learn to get to that point.
        As you can see I know nothing about art.
        Many of my university friends have been re-discovering ticket stubs from Bowie concerts they attended in 1972/3. You are not alone!
        I believe I have some experience of Wu Wei from having studied Judo and AIkido for 20+ years. (Both are “soft” forms). The best techniques I have done have been effortless and spookily like Neo in the Matrix. However, it has only happened for sure on one on two occasions in that time. I don’t think one can understand it intellectually.
        My final point about light is that if that is all there is then nothing is discernible.

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      2. I would agree context is needed only when you want to explore. Intuition is right and the best way to experience it. Context though can add pieces to the orchestra. Art is an invitation to explore this dream we are in through another’s eyes and heart, so your YMMV. Know this, I know with all my being we are in a waking dream. So I must be insane, but here I AM, not dissolved yet. I love the mystery and wonder of it. I have many dreams to dream.

        We are at our core creators I feel. Creativity in the flow is what I am preaching. I believe it leads most naturally to yourself. Quite beautiful to me, watching the flower of yourself unfold and in others. Seeing parts of you you had no idea existed. It’s mystical and consumes like fire.

        You intuitively know everything about what I am saying. That is a mystery and wonderful thing. It is so simple. It seems so now anyway 🙂

        Aikido, yes, exactly. Perfect. It grounds you to the ground state. You have the power of the universe behind you. On my list. Tai Chi for me. And you either deliberately or accidentally touched on the angst of the game. To dissolve back to the source is to have no differentiation. Terrifying to the ego. Die ego, bad ego. Who says? No mind can understand it. Do you know?

        But we exist now. We are not ready to start over again in a Big Bang, but we will I gather. We have many miles to go I think. I’m not going to live like a monkey brain or let anyone else get away with it either. We are in this for the species people! Can I get an amen?!

        Now go save he world and write a poem, sing a song, dance a dance or whatever you do get your groove on. That is all.

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      1. I’m going to have to show the discussion to my son because he’s always tossing around scientific theories on how the world came into existence and such but talking with him sometimes give me a headache because I just can’t follow.

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      2. At the end of the day, we are just Light. We look to the future to save us, but we are infinite in the moment, so get to know yourself in every moment. I believe science and spirituality must find common ground. That is what the discussion explores. Different views of the same dream illusion we are living and typing about right now.

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