The Hero and The Light


“Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”​

It is by going down into the abyss
that we recover the treasures of life.

Where you stumble,
there lies your treasure.

The very cave you are afraid to enter
turns out to be the source of
what you are looking for.
The damned thing in the cave
that was so dreaded
has become the center.

You find the jewel,
and it draws you off.

In loving the spiritual,
you cannot despise the earthly.

Attributed to Joseph Campbell from “Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion”

I am now engaged in a face to face confrontation with Gurdjieff. He stares through me and into me. I feel a familiar Light in Him. Who is this man? The Truth stretches out across a parabola before me and focuses to a single point within. It guides me to detach from dead end paths leeching energy and press into and pick up the treasure that is before me and hide it away deep.

I would highly recommend Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson by Gurdjieff. I see and feel such clarity in this man’s words and life. He is not so well known among my generation. Simply, it is a book meant to destroy the ego, the ‘i’. I highly recommend it if you are ready to begin to explore what you truly are. I promise that like the Bible and other ancient sacred texts, reading it somehow has a powerful spiritual transformative power. Woo woo perhaps? I can only say I have felt and observed this power myself. Judge for yourself. There is something here.

If you are done seeking another system of thought. If you are done seeking enlightenment. If you are done listening to gurus. If you want to go and see for yourself. If you want to stop wasting your money, for the Truth is free and for All. This is one door. There are many. It is called The Fourth Way. It is an interesting system that borrows ideas from many Religions and mystical traditions. That feels part of the right way to live to me. Just a gut feeling, wouldn’t an ultimate Truth be seeded everywhere? Perhaps the joke is there is no ultimate and Truth is whatever you decide it is.

Basically The Fourth Way fosters a contemplative practice that involves the body, mind and spirit. I have found that keeping your beliefs open and fluid is the best way to intuitively find your way. We are spirit that extends into the material world to accomplish some purpose or perhaps to play. Enlightenment is not an end, it is just a vehicle to explore the Universe with, a beginning. If you are here reading these words, I suspect we flow in the same streams.

All paths lead to the same ocean.

I have found my path partially through the Way of the Fool. It is an odd way to live and yet profoundly enlightening, a way through the back door sort of speak. I would highly recommend The Zelator for any fellow initiate suspecting the Fool lurks within.

Warning, these places are not to be entered into half heartedly, for it is impossible to do so anyway. These ideas will seem as insurmountable mountains perhaps or truths you seem to have always known. In either case, no one can walk your path but you and all must pay the same price. Guides and teachers are helpful, but not required. They can speed you on your journey or keep you stuck in an infinite loop. I encourage you to follow the the threads that you find. There is a time to seek and a time to wait. You must give All to enter into I AM.

I do not claim any lineage or special purpose. I, like you, have been drawn into this vortex of awakening that is spinning across the world affecting people from every race, religion and creed. It is seemingly spilling forth from every place I look and it sings and bubbles from deep within. Is all around us simply illusion, myth and allegory? I have found a place to watch the spectacle from and it appears there is something else much deeper going on. Beyond religion, science, culture, humanity, the Earth, anything I can imagine and the Universe even it feels like something is out there.

Would you take the word of a Fool?

I am not sure what to do next, so I will do nothing. But I did feel compelled to share my perspective from this strange place. I feel as if a force has ahold of me. Who knows what the Truth is? I don’t. But I am finding that in the Flow you must accept constant change in every moment and be open to all with no hope or promise of a happy ending or knowing anything. Can selfless love create energy or gravity? You are not supposed to be able to do that. How else can I explain the fusion furnace that has enveloped my soul and heart as a crucible? Energy has entered into me from somewhere I can see not, but it is surging into me. How can this be?

Love creates energy.

It is flowing into and out of my life like never before. It’s Light burns everything up, inside and out. I thought I would come apart and or lose myself in bliss. Instead I found the Flow moving into and out of me, connecting me to things.

It has you now too.

Happy sailing and I wish you well on your quest, for we are all on our own Hero’s Journey.

Image – Arthur Dove, “Moon and Sea II,” 1923

White Crane Rising

White Crane_Bird only

Wings lifting on
Cherry blossom breezes
Light breaking through
Long white feathers spreading
Already there

Winter Love


The rain is falling
Bringing a comfortable chill
I hear beautiful music in the air
Lifting my soul…beyond
When breathing deep
I smell the sweet pine
I see symbols of connection
All around
Love abounds here
Could this be Heaven
This has to be that place
There is not one more thing I want
Accept that All feel this moment

Today is a good day

We exist Brothers and Sisters
Whatever this is around us
We are here today in it
Do you feel this moment
I feel it too
And it is a good day to share my
Feelings across the void with you
It feels good to touch you
In this odd and most indirect way
I am much better in person
It feels right to reach out for you
To share these words lifts me high
Wanting nothing in return but your


These are but echoes from a place
I only now begin to plumb
I am slipping away
But I am flowing into something
And something is flowing into me
So much bigger than I ever
Could have or will imagine

We whither or we grow
We falter or we flow
We are illusion or eternal
How can we know
What are we
Who are you

What is smaller than the Higgs
I tell you we are what makes all this real
I choose to be real
My wooden joints now flow free
I see the Light filling my eye
I feel the Cherubim coming close
I hear the flute and feel the song

Be of One voice
Many will come and sing this song
How perfect to sing together
Across the boundless stars
The song of Life sings
Scraping for every push forward
Our Universal Brothers and Sisters
We all share the struggle of life
Will you offer a hand
Or your heel
Which Wolf will you feed
What is your reality
What of you is worthy to persist
Love is not done with us

I assure you I am not done with you


Image – – Lovers Painting

The Song Of My Being

imageWhen my mind is still
And my heart is open
In my Being



…a song

I can’t contain it
Everything is swirling within me
I will sing it sweetly in your ear

If you have a quatrain to add
Believe me friend
You have my complete attention
Now is your chance
Hit me

Here is what it sings now

Do not detach or attach
Always be quick with a praise
When you see that one off by themselves
Seek them out
Be generous with every bit of you
Forgive quickly
When you want to pull away
Go all in
In the darkest night
You will have a Light
Truth is free
Separation is not real
Know yourself in everything
Live life
Be water
Flow into All
Move anywhere
At any moment
Sing from your heart
Stand naked in front of all
Let it go
You can’t
So don’t
Always stand up for the weak
Hold nothing back for the return
You are life itself

Head of a Pin


Who has attained perfection
Perfection is boring
Creation casts a long Shadow
Cause and effect

If you rise you must fall
Perfection’s sweet taste lasts only a moment
Practice leads to your true self
Flow with the river

Balancing on the head of a pin
Now that’s living
Try that
With bubbling rapids all around

Embrace the sting of life
That pain is your greatest teacher
If you fall down
Get up

Image – MD – Blue Rising

The Tao of Hubble


Image – omega and Hubble – The Tao of Hubble

Lost Wings

Falling through time
Toward the Blue gem of my desire
My wings lost forever
Death rising fast to meet me

This must be fear
I feel pain
What did I do
To deserve the searing Blue fire

Truth is
I was never that good of an Angel
Always lost in the twinkle of Creation
Made to serve

I couldn’t kill God
Perhaps the Dark one did
I thought I was perfect
What is that

We threw them from the walls
I cut their wings off with one slash
With my righteous might
What Joy I felt

Was that my sin
To take joy seeing them suffer so
How dare they challenge The One
I saw my growing grin in their dying eyes

Who can wield such power
Could you
No one can
This is a rigged game


Image – MD – Blue Wings of Judgment

The Parable of the Three Men

Three men fall into a river after the bridge they were walking on collapsed. You guessed it, a Buddhist, a Zen Practitioner, and a Taoist.

Floating down the river, the Buddhist looks about him and decides through much effort to swim to the shore and leave the river. Ignoring the discomfort of his situation (cold water, burning muscles, etc.) he swims to shore and watches the other two float away, content that he finally made it out of his nasty predicament.

The Zen Practitioner looks about him and decides that he is in the river now, and if he waits, he will eventually drift to shore where he can leave the river. He learns to embrace the cold and ignore the fear of rocks and rapids, and eventually he comes to a stop and climbs out, happy in the knowledge that he has escaped the river and all its peril.

The Taoist looks about him and decides that since the bridge he was walking on collapsed, he is now floating in a river, naturally… So he decides to wait and see what will happen next, confident that whatever happens is part of the natural process of the Tao.

P.S. Did you know you can change the dimension you live in? It is all about the dimensions you let yourself exist in. Truth be told, you are limitless across an infinite number of dimensions. Let yourself flow into that reality.

Image – MD – Seeking Center

The Dragon and The Hanged Man


“Teachers open the door, but you must enter for yourself.”

Great knowledge presented itself
Swirling Cosmic Consciousness enveloped me
In the path of sweeping change
Caught in the inescapable
The only path forward
I mount the horse of our greatest fate
Delusions of future probabilities
The Dragon rose to confront that
In me divided
Do you see
I KNOW nothing
Perhaps you can show me The Way
The Lodge of the Masters
Was here before us all along
What is Right
Exists beyond me
Never stop
I thought I knew this tune
How can I KNOW
Barely crawled out of the muck
You are a slave or a master
You should be fine with either
I can not believe in anything
I can only stay for a moment
And move on to the next moment
I see and feel the threads of my future
Reaching back into me
This was the moment of choice
No more choices
Only what IS
I seek naked
Nothing to hide
Nothing before me or you
In my nakedness I feel no shame
I see you in yours
And finally I see
We are the same
We are One