White Crane Rising

White Crane_Bird only

Wings lifting on
Cherry blossom breezes
Light breaking through
Long white feathers spreading
Already there

Head of a Pin


Who has attained perfection
Perfection is boring
Creation casts a long Shadow
Cause and effect

If you rise you must fall
Perfection’s sweet taste lasts only a moment
Practice leads to your true self
Flow with the river

Balancing on the head of a pin
Now that’s living
Try that
With bubbling rapids all around

Embrace the sting of life
That pain is your greatest teacher
If you fall down
Get up

Image – MD – Blue Rising

Threshing Wings

Buds bursting new life and beauty
Hummingbird wings threshing
Sorrow floating away on the blue breeze

The old passes away to brown
Blue morning brings fresh nectar
Drink your fill

I hear the morning sing
The song rises in the deep oak
New mercies today

Image, Threshing Wings – Omega