Winter Love


The rain is falling
Bringing a comfortable chill
I hear beautiful music in the air
Lifting my soul…beyond
When breathing deep
I smell the sweet pine
I see symbols of connection
All around
Love abounds here
Could this be Heaven
This has to be that place
There is not one more thing I want
Accept that All feel this moment

Today is a good day

We exist Brothers and Sisters
Whatever this is around us
We are here today in it
Do you feel this moment
I feel it too
And it is a good day to share my
Feelings across the void with you
It feels good to touch you
In this odd and most indirect way
I am much better in person
It feels right to reach out for you
To share these words lifts me high
Wanting nothing in return but your


These are but echoes from a place
I only now begin to plumb
I am slipping away
But I am flowing into something
And something is flowing into me
So much bigger than I ever
Could have or will imagine

We whither or we grow
We falter or we flow
We are illusion or eternal
How can we know
What are we
Who are you

What is smaller than the Higgs
I tell you we are what makes all this real
I choose to be real
My wooden joints now flow free
I see the Light filling my eye
I feel the Cherubim coming close
I hear the flute and feel the song

Be of One voice
Many will come and sing this song
How perfect to sing together
Across the boundless stars
The song of Life sings
Scraping for every push forward
Our Universal Brothers and Sisters
We all share the struggle of life
Will you offer a hand
Or your heel
Which Wolf will you feed
What is your reality
What of you is worthy to persist
Love is not done with us

I assure you I am not done with you


Image – – Lovers Painting

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