Mystical Jazz

This is my gift to you, a joy to behold and listen to. Check out Joey Alexander’s My Favorite Things. Happy New Year!

The Song Of My Being

imageWhen my mind is still
And my heart is open
In my Being



…a song

I can’t contain it
Everything is swirling within me
I will sing it sweetly in your ear

If you have a quatrain to add
Believe me friend
You have my complete attention
Now is your chance
Hit me

Here is what it sings now

Do not detach or attach
Always be quick with a praise
When you see that one off by themselves
Seek them out
Be generous with every bit of you
Forgive quickly
When you want to pull away
Go all in
In the darkest night
You will have a Light
Truth is free
Separation is not real
Know yourself in everything
Live life
Be water
Flow into All
Move anywhere
At any moment
Sing from your heart
Stand naked in front of all
Let it go
You can’t
So don’t
Always stand up for the weak
Hold nothing back for the return
You are life itself

Lost Wings

Falling through time
Toward the Blue gem of my desire
My wings lost forever
Death rising fast to meet me

This must be fear
I feel pain
What did I do
To deserve the searing Blue fire

Truth is
I was never that good of an Angel
Always lost in the twinkle of Creation
Made to serve

I couldn’t kill God
Perhaps the Dark one did
I thought I was perfect
What is that

We threw them from the walls
I cut their wings off with one slash
With my righteous might
What Joy I felt

Was that my sin
To take joy seeing them suffer so
How dare they challenge The One
I saw my growing grin in their dying eyes

Who can wield such power
Could you
No one can
This is a rigged game


Image – MD – Blue Wings of Judgment


“What is the Buddha?”

“The one in the hall.”
“But,” the monk protested, “the one in the hall is a statue – a piece of wood!”
“That is so,” the Master agreed.
“Then what is the Buddha?”

“The one in the hall.”

Heaven is Here

When the Mind is Clear
Illuminate the Path
Draw the Mind Back
Pull out of the trap
Hidden in this moment
Buried right where you are at
Its a state of mind
Dissolve your fear
Into Love
Your body is on loan
This is your bridge
To the road home

The Yogi knows
Groove to your
Shine where you are

Ancient Fear


I have an itch in the back of my skull

that this is a fight to the end

that everyone is wrong

All of them

Even the One

It’s everyTHING for itself

Please for the Love of All prove me wrong



I try to catch my breath
It slips through my fingers
There is no stopping
Only rising and falling
There is only The Breath

Image – Altarpiece of Jacques de Baerze, detail of `The Divine Breath’

Disloyal Mind

Words to my soul.

Peace Profound

my mind is disloyal
to Guru and guide
—never to my God,
with whom I am
on friendly terms
since years back,
first on terms of
Hi how are you
and now on terms of
When will you be home for dinner
—because the moment
you put a human face on it
it’s all
Hey that guy’s teaching something else
Something comfortable and easy
But my teacher gave me something
and said
Dig into this,
Mess with it,
Make it work
and part of me is offended
by the Hey this ain’t
warm and cozy and fun
This shit is work
But my friend God
comes in late for dinner again
and says past a mouthful of fruit
He’s right, you know,
Just doing what I told him
And now you’ve got to
Do what he says
So I sigh
Because God gives pretty good advice.

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The Phantom of Society: A Villain’s Perspective

Brave and I can relate. We are not our failures, let’s hope we did some learning and growing. Source: The Phantom of Society: A Villain’s Perspective

Alone In The Light

Nothing exists where there is no truth and no falsehood

therefore, a prudent human being dismisses

nothing but examines everything.

Love leads to Belief

Belief leads to


because this leads

to the recognition of the Light

No more shadows and secrets

All brought into the Light

The end leads back to

The Beginning