Eyes on You

I grow silent. Dear Soul, you speak.” – Rumi

A New Dance


Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you, just to you and for you, without any need for my words or anyone else’s.

You are—we all are—the beloved of the Beloved, and in every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?

It simply is.

Listen and you will discover it in every passing moment. Listen, and your whole life will become a conversation in thought and act between you and Source, directly, wordlessly, now and always.”

– Rumi

Silent Awe


“People who’ve had any genuine spiritual experience always know that they don’t know. They are utterly humbled before mystery. They are in awe before the abyss of it all, in wonder at eternity and depth, and a Love, which is incomprehensible to the mind.”

~ Richard Rohr

Standing Beside You

I wrote this for a friend in hard times. Be well T!

You are a painted masterpiece
Your splendor shines from you
Be connected to calm things
And places you love
Walk old joyful times past
I met you on the road to destiny
I feel your pain
Let my words wash over you
And I will snatch it from you
Lay it on other’s shoulders who can bare it
I stand beside you and whisper
You are Loved