Be The Change

“Silence is an ocean. Speech is a river. When the ocean is searching for you,
don’t walk into the river. Listen to the ocean.” – Rumi

Be here with me now
Fall into the mystery
Feel the nature of existence

Consume me
No middle
Deep ignition

To sense time
Is to be distracted
Recognize where you are

Stop seeking
The more you feel yourself
Blue fire consumes

Only when your words stop
Do you begin to glimpse yourself
See and know yourself in the mirror of life

Awake to the awareness of yourself
That which you see watching you
Is you

In the moment
No separation
No fear

Thought is driven by fear and desire
The flame burns blue in the moment
A cleansing fire

I took the photo for this poem today. It represents the evolution of myself and ourselves connected to all and the Verse, whatever it and we are. I spent the weekend exploring and experiencing my consciousness at the Science and Non-Duality 2015 conference in San Jose, CA with my love. If you have never attended one, I highly recommend it. It is not what you expect, I promise. It’s an experience with a little bit for anyone on any path. I don’t share that to elevate myself or reflect my great spiritual wisdom. I was gathered there through moving without knowing and I had some amazing interactions and realizations, confirmations and challenges, peace and tension.

I wanted to encourage you if you are reading these words to take chances and be willing to throw everything you know away in seeking the truth. Change your mental, spiritual and physical state…as often as possible. Be present and aware of yourself in the world and others and your connection to all. If you have been here reading my ramblings, know I share openly and freely with you my honest spontaneous thoughts, feelings and impressions about life. I hope you are creating magic in yours. Let’s keep the alchemy going. Be the change.

The Dancing Blue Girl

I had a blue dream
I saw a flowing blue river
Lapping on the shores of my doubt
I lept into the rushing waters
Leaving all behind
A problem
I never learned to swim
Another came who saw my thrashing
Patiently he reached out a hand
The stranger pulled me into his boat
I looked into his cosmic dark eyes
Ageless wisdom probing deep
Stripped naked
The dark night came and overtook me
I almost lost myself
The stranger spoke a tongue I’d never heard
Slowly I began to understand
He dried me off and began to sing
I seemed to know this song
I felt it rising from deep within
My whole body vibrating
I made a sound
I was singing in our small boat with my new friend
As we shared our hearts in song
In our little boat
I looked to the shore
I saw another dancing there
Familiar, I asked her name
You know me she said
Slowly the realization turned in me
Like a screw into my heart
I began to weep and then I remembered
We met long ago and agreed
To meet on the river’s shore
As I heard the song on my lips
The stranger pushed me out of the boat
I struggled to reach the shore
The beautiful blue glowing girl dove in after me
She came at me fast as I spun in the eddie
We lunged for one another
And down we went
Slowly I found her eyes with mine
We shared our breath under those blue waters
We stopped thrashing
And floated to the surface
We clutched for one another and held tight
The swift river pulling us forward
Slowly we awoke together and found ourselves
On a blue ocean shore
What did you dream my love
I saw you dancing on blue shores

New Sight Shining