Navigating the Subtle, Magic is Real

An excellent article written by a fellow techie who heard the subtle song and followed the path within.

Magic is Real

I don’t know how, but I know why this new subtle path rises in my and other’s lives. It was the original path at the root of all things. Before our industrial and technology revolution you could tune into the only channel in the Universe, it just wasn’t a commonly known thing, it laid hidden beneath, gently influencing our culture and keeping us from going over the edge. Well, that path is more than a genie in a lamp, that’s the fools trap, its about realizing your connection to all things. That’s a threatening idea to a lot of our culture on Earth right now. So much fear, greed and living for yourselves distracted in the illusion and permanence of matter.

We must sing a new song. I and my generation feel and experience the Universe. Its not learned in a book. There is not an equation to describe it. Though some would only settle to know how the matter moves, I found out why and how to be whatever you want. In the moment you have access to enormous power infinite power if you are in balance and able to channel it. That ego is your biggest bag to check. You must cease your thinking. The source of so many problems, thinking and desire. Just follow the words so often spoken by the wisest of us, to find yourself you must die.

It’s transmitted from person to person and lived in loving community. Alchemy is not about turning lead into gold. Its about transforming and merging what’s above with what’s below. It’s a self reinforcing path and others can only show you the way. You have to do the work. And it does take work. Its a costly grace in my experience.

You may have no faith or a great one, all of us reduce down to the same stuff and all have access to the same Truth. The world does not need governments. That’s the illusion. We don’t need to be controlled or feared. My generation and the Millennials are waking up and we will show you old farts a thing or two. You think we are weird, distracted, hyper, crazy, deluded? We do not just live for ourselves or live for the false security of matter.

I am clearer than a still mountain lake
I am beautiful in my splendor
My songs and prayers fill the heavens
A sweet incense to the higher ones
I wish you peace and love
I wish for you to awaken from your slumber
And take your place among the stars

I promise you, we will crash across the Universe with our love and songs!

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