Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Kristin Verby – Unity – Mitakuye Oyasin

I was led to this prayer. It is important to say aloud and acknowledge if you have the understanding. I acknowledge now out loud and for All Time my relation to All things and to the Great Spirit/Wakan Tanka that is and allows all things to be. I am thankful you have brought me these words and this spirit to bring into the world. In speaking these words as I write them, I add my spirit to the All spirit and sing my note to myself with All things. I call for you help in this wayward place to remember I am the Light and the Light is Us. I desire to live in love in this awareness when I move on.

This is a Lakota Sioux prayer of Oneness and thanks and acknowledges harmony with all forms of life. It acknowledges that we are related to All things. I acknowledge that now and forever. I desire to be a Real Human Being. The old things are new again. We need the guidance of the old ways now at the end before a new thing can be birthed. As a midwife. A birth practiced so many countless times awaited by countless generations.

Within our grasp now.

We were not ready to hear this from our relatives when it was spoken, we are now. Thank you to the Sioux nation. I have heard your words. They are fine good words. They are burned into my soul now…

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin/All My Relations

I will do what I can to be compassion in this backward place. Help me. To all others, I ask you to find the reverence for your ancestors and relatives in the world around you. Serve and love life. The increasing quality of our hearts and capacity to love is all creation seeks and desires.

To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you.

To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you.

To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.

To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you.To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.

To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages. I thank you.

To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you.

You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery.

Thank you for this Life.

Say and live this with me and we shall stand up together as One in our own Light.




Two Friends: Teachings of the No Self

My personal journey has led me into communion with the Divine within myself. My poetry is connected directly to that source in me. I have been enjoying many new poems and poets, but few, honestly, no one can touch the enlightened and aware poetry of Rumi for me at this time. I suppose that speaks of the journey itself. There is a progression. Things progress nicely. I wanted to share it with you. This poem cuts to the heart of the journey for me. I love this teaching because it is a conjunction of many such teachings in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. This is a nexus point of truth. You pay attention to those in a world with so many voices. You have to trust your heart, your only true guide. This is about living a non-dual life, merging the Divine into your conscious awareness. This is possible. It’s real.

The idea of the “No Self” is powerful and universal. There are extreme definitions of this concept. But you can learn for yourself by stopping your thinking and fretting and learning to BE where you are. Your Light is a precious gift. The way to embrace it is to let it Shine and just BE! Don’t hide your Light, you have found as I have, that is impossible. Let your vessels be broken and let the Divine swirling all around you lift you out and up into the highest Heaven.

Two Friends

A certain person came to the Friend’s door
and knocked.
“Who’s there?”
“It’s me.”
The Friend answered, “Go away. There’s no place
for raw meat at this table.”

The individual went wandering for a year.
Nothing but the fire of separation
can change hypocrisy and ego. The person returned
completely cooked,
walked up and down in front of the Friend’s house,
gently knocked.
“Who is it?”
“Please come in, my self,
there’s no place in this house for two.
The doubled end of the thread is not what goes through
the eye of the needle.
It’s a single-pointed, fined-down, thread end,
not a big ego-beast with baggage.”

But how can a camel be thinned to a thread?
With the sheers of practices, with doing things.

And with help from the one who brings impossibilities to pass,
who quiets willfullness,
who gives sight to one blind from birth.

Every day that one does something.
Take that as your text.
Every day God sends forth three powerful energies:
One, from the sperm of the father into the mother,
So growth may begin.
Two, a birth from the womb of the ground,
so male and female may spring into existence.
Three, there’s a surge up from the surface
into what’s beyond dying, that the the real beauty
of creating can be recognized.

There’s no way to every say this.

Let’s return to the two friends whose thread became single,
Who spell with their two letters
The original word,

B and E tighten around subjects and objects
that one knot may hold them. Two scissor blades
make one cut.
And watch two men washing clothes.
One makes dry clothes wet. The other makes
wet clothes dry. They seem to be thwarting each other,
but their work is a perfect harmony.

Every holy person seems to have a different doctrine
and practice, but there’s really only one work.

Someone listening to a millstone falls asleep.
No matter. The stone keeps turning.

Water from the mountain
far above the mill keeps following down.
The sleepers will get their bread.

Underground it moves, without sound, and without repetition.
Show us where that source of speech is that has no alphabet. That spaciousness.

Where we are now is a narrow fantasy that comes from there,
and the actual, outside world is even narrower.
Narrowness is pain, and the cause of narrowness is manyness.

Creation was spoken with one sound, BE.
The two letters, B and E,
to record it, came after.
The meaning of the sound
And its resonance
Are one.

There’s no way to ever say this,
In so many words! And no place to stop saying it.

…Meanwhile, a lion and a wolf were fighting…

You are one!

Sometimes It Hurts

Sometimes you may need to stand alone
Love can be threatening
How can that be
It hurts

Sometimes you have to follow the Light
Love knowing the pain in others
Hope that dawn will break
Never avoid the Truth

Sometimes you have to pursue
Don’t be a martyr
Always speak in Love
Take it

Sometimes you have to be the fool
Let the chips fall where they may
No longer live asleep
Always be true to yourself

Sometimes you have to be bold
The ones closest can have great fear
It comes from doubt
True love always stands beside you

Sometimes it hurts too much
How when a life is opening like a flower
Can they turn their eyes
Giving all seems not enough

Sometimes you have a moment of clarity
The path unfolds before you
Have courage and hold tight
When no one understands

I Love you all now like I never could

Always forgive
Always keep reaching
Always carry them
Always Be Love

When my Soul Returned to Me

A new friend wrote a poem for me. I am beyond words. No one ever wrote me a poem and it’s a mystical perfect first.

Wuji Seshat

Screen Shot 07-01-15 at 07.12 PM

-Painting by Thu Nguyen

I was born a revelation in a brain
Without prophets I learnt
The triggers of the rose and the majesty

Of simplicity, without ownership
I travelled to the spiritual reality
Where my soul was sent on a journey

Across invisible landscapes
Towards a purity of reincarnation
We remapped our vision trance

Until everything become part of the same thing
And everyone in those places
Actors of the same divine entity

And by and by my voice returned to me
My native voice of oneness and poetry
And that it answered with sweetness

And a kindness of dreaming friendship
with the players of every walk of life
With the homeless, the downtrodden and its as if

Everyone here is on a seeking quest
To go through stories to reach for a source
These are the revelations of wonder that came

To visit me, that I have writ…

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