Smile, The Archon Apocalypse Cometh

Rumor is they wait at the end of the rainbow
Devourers of your soul

They were the ones under your bed
That shadow in the corner of your eye

Ancient tentacles insinuating
You have to look sideways

Most ancient of mankind’s enemies
Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Love or Death
The light bearer seeks absolution

Salvation lies within
8th level truth awaits

The greatest game in history about to start again
Ancient Gnostic cabals jockeying for view

Batter up
Pop fly center field

You got this
You have this game clocked

Go into the light
You thought you knew the way

You will end with a whimper
Followed by a great gnashing of teeth

Are you worth saving
Did you learn the secret

I hear those teeth in the distance
Perhaps an appetizer before dinner

Published by

an ole smelly goat

nothing interesting

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