The Distillation Progresses Nicely

Truth is the distillation of purpose
A little bit of Buddha, Christ, Brahma, Mohammed
Oh the heresy

We are mind and spirit; an alchemist’s play thing
Cosmic synthesis of parts above and below
Kings and Queens

This moment has perfect vision
I am coming into focus
I am sailing among the stars

My heart rises
Third eye blind no more
Visions abound in the garden of ancient play things

Come and play
Sing songs long forgotten
Join laughing friends waiting for you to arrive

The beauty of the cosmic
Seeing the simple Truth within
Fearing no more

Into the fires of creation
The impurities of I must not be allowed
Many things added to the crucible

Joining together in Love
The fire lapping over us

Truly I have found the Philosopher’s stone
Never the same

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an ole smelly goat

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