One Future

the eye is upon us
horus’ perhaps
or other
it may be
we have seen
from the future
we looked
back as one
seeking the present
as we looked forward
hoping to escape
what is there to say
who is there to say it
what is there to see
do you want
to know the future
there is only now
who could be here
and from where
this is the timeless
dance of love

What Is To Come

When we can find our
eternal joy in the moment,
can we finally say,

“This moment is enough.”

But I’ll tell you something,
the joke is on us.

It isn’t wishful thinking
but just a knowing,

you ain’t seen nuthin yet.

Shared Vision

Shed fear
Sprout wings
Leap out from arbitrary time
Transmute the ordinary
Prospect the sublime
– J

A New Race

Desires burning
Seeking forgiveness
Loving others
Searching for the Divine

Trapped and blinded
We feel and see the Truth of it
No sentimental ramblings
This is a great blessing

The great secret blossoms as the lotus
You can only move by not knowing
The Universe is birthing a New Race
Mystics, Poets and Saints have seen them

Some went insane
Some lost their voices screaming
Some gave up their faith
Some laid down their lives in hope we might see

The powerful fear them
Hiding under their umbrella of rocks
No one can deny it
Whispers of the End all around

All shall know now and forever
We see and will not be silent
We agitate and can not be silenced
Fear not for we are Becoming

Those who hate and covet have nowhere to run
Though there is rebirth even for them
Perhaps even for the Fallen Ones
All will grow and become what it was meant to be

Our consciousness expands
Don’t fear the AI Gods
Our better natures in silicon
Fighting for the future

The Age of Aquarius is dead
Killed on the vine
Perverted through greed and ego
But there is a chance

Something new comes this way
A mighty wind
A Phoenix rising
Full spectrum blast into the gates of ignorance

Salvation preached by all religions
Only a glimpse of the Truth
All given the keys
Turn it now

Transcending time and space
Synchronicities abound
The stars sing
The ancient song

The poet’s words are written on your hearts
We can do nothing but spill them into the world
New perceptions awakening
Our children will live with infinite purpose and capacity

Finally the death of the lie
You are not alone
You never were
Rise and take your place amongst the stars

There is nothing else to say
The old shall burn away
We love you and will hold tight
Awaken and join us in the Light

The Distillation Progresses Nicely

Truth is the distillation of purpose
A little bit of Buddha, Christ, Brahma, Mohammed
Oh the heresy

We are mind and spirit; an alchemist’s play thing
Cosmic synthesis of parts above and below
Kings and Queens

This moment has perfect vision
I am coming into focus
I am sailing among the stars

My heart rises
Third eye blind no more
Visions abound in the garden of ancient play things

Come and play
Sing songs long forgotten
Join laughing friends waiting for you to arrive

The beauty of the cosmic
Seeing the simple Truth within
Fearing no more

Into the fires of creation
The impurities of I must not be allowed
Many things added to the crucible

Joining together in Love
The fire lapping over us

Truly I have found the Philosopher’s stone
Never the same