Reflections In a Sphere

Hand_with_Reflecting_Sphere“If each had a candle and they went in together the differences would disappear.” – Rumi

What do I see

What is what

What is do

What is I

What is see

Now we begin

I do not know what I am

I do not know what I do

I do not know this place

But here I am

What is here

Where is where

What are these … zinging around in nothing

I like that…zinging


What are these things in front of me

What are things

I can touch things

Here I am

What is this…Sphere

I will just sit here where I am and look into this Sphere

I think I see something…else

I am being watched

There is something there staring back at me


Hydrogen Dreams

Walking on methane shores

Kaleidoscope hydrogen clouds igniting

Orion on fire

Your face reflects the perfection of this moment

Eternity in either direction

Odd dreams


Light and Love interrupted

Hydrogen and oxygen flowing


How odd to dream of that


What is Fear

Come, let us awake and take our walk