Echoes from the Deep

Ancient Echoes from Ancestors standing behind
Gods of our future pulling us into the Black Hole

Spectral lines of the Illusion visible
The Spirit ebbs, here is what remains

A good Teacher does not instruct
They Create doubt and tension

The Student becomes the Teacher
The Teacher the Student

The Point of Life is that…it ends
Every moment is an opportunity for Growth

Two halves set in motion against one another
The dual shall become One

No one can take the Journey but you
This Path is yours alone

Blue lines of the double Helix merging
The veil torn

Real Life is found
In the Infinite moment

You will move without Knowing
With pure Intent and Compassion

To dance with Eternity
Is to Learn the order of things

You will not Seek for yourself
You will find Peace in other’s Joy

You do not Know yourself
Listen within and be Calm

Swim to the middle
Swim down with no Hope of return

The secret is yours if instead of seeking to Possess
You freely Give all you have

No one knows
You only move in Love when aligned

When you Seek to help first
Instead of to Possess you have a Clue

How long will you settle for abstractions of Truth
Drink Long and Deep from the Source

Do not learn Patience waiting for what you want
Patiently wait for what you Need

In the end it’s all very Simple
Live every moment in Eternity

You must embrace the Secret parts of yourself
The ones you were Warned not to Touch

All Lies and Illusion
To Survive you must be Indivisible

Trust your True self
And you will not Fear

To know thyself is to be connected to All
To be connected to All in Love is Perfection

Hydrogen Dreams

Walking on methane shores

Kaleidoscope hydrogen clouds igniting

Orion on fire

Your face reflects the perfection of this moment

Eternity in either direction

Odd dreams


Light and Love interrupted

Hydrogen and oxygen flowing


How odd to dream of that


What is Fear

Come, let us awake and take our walk

Quantum Mantra Perfection

This is a Quantum conjunction…created and forged before time.

And with lyrics…

Mantra Lyrics

A vision of you there
Standing tall
By the gate

Everything is new
Stare into
What is not

As your bones grow
And you feel the pain
In exchange

Experiences hang
Run round your mind
And collide

Hang your toes
Over the edge
Cause you can

You can switch your place
Hide inside
If you try

You’ll open up your eyes
And realize
How you fit
In the wild

A lion is a lion
No apologies
And a leash
Is a leech

In a corral
You’re safe and warm
Pass it on to
Every Sheep

Time and time again
You stick your self
To accept
Someone else

Give up the wish
Let go of the dream

Burn the dogma
Let the fire
The desire
To define

(I will find a way
To keep this moment)
What’s raging
(For myself I will find a way)
Out of control
Like a wheel

(I will find a way)
Like a storm
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a virus
(I will find a way)
Like an ocean
Like a silence

(I will find a way)
An emotion
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a darkness
(I will find a way)
Like a chance

An idea
(I will find a way)
Like a verb
Like an outrage
(To keep this moment for myself)
Like a sunrise
Like a monster
(I will find a way)
Like a monster
Like a mantra
Like a mantra

(Nothing be the same)
(Nothing be the same)
(Nothing be the same)

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

And all of this
Will never be the same

Healing the Insane


We are crazy
Out of our gourds

Delusional really
Terminal cases

You will Die
Accept it

I don’t know how more clear to be

You can’t find the meaning unless you Die
You do not need to be here any longer if you learn

The goal of life is not to live
It is to learn to die

To learn to love
To learn to sacrifice
To find compassion
To realize you have all you need
To let go
To forgive
To accept forgiveness

You can end in eternity
Living in the perfect moments

I was terrified
But no longer

I am perfect in this moment
I chose what I have

I have the power to create anything
But all I feel is Love

Such Joy
Life renewed

Do I have the courage to accept my death
Do I have the faith to let go of belief

I accept my death and what that means
What else is there

What in all of the infinite Quantum could you tell me
Other than the Truth, we are living in a dream

My words mean nothing
This is just a poem and read by few

When the time is right, we will share what is needed
And find the perfect moment

To live every moment in wonder
Perhaps this is what eternal life is

If you let things go
They will come back to you

Image, ‘Miracles of Each Moment’ by Kazuaki Tanahashi

Walking on the Shores of Oblivion

I walk on the shores of Oblivion
I long to swim in the waters of not knowing

There are many old goats who think they know
They confuse a thing with words which can not be spoken

I have never read the Vedas or Upanishads
Nor the Book of the Dead

I know nothing
I am blissfully empty as a pot after dinner

My teachers, the quiet
My heroes, the meek

Love flows from their lives
It fills every low place lifting all

Others seek to control and contain
But the fire spreads

It flows in our veins
We feel and live the Truth

The Truth is simple and for All
No secrets

To get back to the garden
To lay down that which was not ours to take

Oblivion is my destiny
I shall joyfully walk its shores and forget myself

Milkshakes and Fried Pickles

I really just wanted a pickle, being fried was a bonus
A pickle tastes perfect fried
The juice squirts down my chin; juicy perfection

You have never looked more beautiful
The malt makes my eyes roll back in my head
The super sweetness fills my stomach; painfully content

This is the moment we chose together
To become aware of not knowing is to see the game within
I stopped and saw behind into the place we dare not look

On the edge of belief
What is faith
I am perfect in this moment

All I wanted was a milkshake, the pickle was a bonus