Divine Invocations

We are creators of illusion
What would you like to know today
Your future perhaps

Ah, the future, always in motion
Watching the batter’s hips
Waiting for the pop fly

It starts with still water
And ends with your death
No fear

Not what you were wanting to hear
The Truth just doesn’t care what you want
I don’t care what you want

I Love myself
I Love you
I offer my hand as equals

To stand in eternity
No direction

Treasure the peace you find
There is much nothingness out there
But yet, here you are

You were meant to learn to Love
To find your place across great distances
Where you are is where you choose to be

Don’t believe
Believe in what
You are here

Believe in yourself
You are the evidence
Of things not seen

You love being miserable
You love that cigarette on your lips
You don’t care

Half way there
I’m talking to you
I see you

Beautiful in your thrashing
The splendor of silence
The joy of not knowing

Call forth Peace
Call forth Kindness
Call forth Balance
Call forth Patience
In Love for All

Be Love

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an ole smelly goat

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