Is what we need now…

Susan Rothenberg – Moving in Place

forgetting wisps of matter

stillness where you are

being what you seek

love is all that moves

The Sparrow Song

Listen to the siren songs
Of your lost dreams
Sleep now and rest
Know the in between
The tough to get to spaces

It is found
In the breath
Let the sparrow of
Your soul take flight
Once again

Singing as it flies

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Dedicated to MT. You are a loon!

Way of The Fool


Wandering in the desert
Wise as serpents
Gentle as doves
Clever and quick
Smart and sharp
Bubbling creation
Seeing around the corner
Holding the line
To the Golden future
Spooky action
Here then not
Fear and impurities
Dross removed
Loving All
Light shining
Nothing can stand
Before our Song
Endymion rises
Hear the song
No teachers needed

The Way of The Fool

We are the Fighters

Preparing our swords on our knees
Swirling future probabilities
The Aliens are coming!

Aliens you say, ha
Plenty here on earth that are
If you have not Love and Joy, you are not Human

We raise the standard for the Universe
Hoping soon to have the storm clouds part
No fear, soaring Joy

We are Joyful singing foolish babbling warriors
We move on the Breath of God
No one can pull us from the siren call of the soul

They fear us and our Love
We have power abundant
We are tightly knit into each other’s souls

We are the toughest stuff in the Universe
We have a song in our heart
We go forth in Joy singing our praises

Aliens know nothing of Human Truth
We are the Bulwark of Creation!
Sing your songs into the deepest black hole of the soul

Join Together In Song and Dance

Let us join together in song and dance in celebration

It is a sweet incense outside of time to all of creation

We are his people, the flock he has shepherded

Lift up your hands and come worship

Let us sing in harmony

Our lives a living sacrifice pleasing to him

These are mysterious things

Come sing and lift your Joy to the heavens with me

We are his people, Allelujah!