We are the Fighters

Preparing our swords on our knees
Swirling future probabilities
The Aliens are coming!

Aliens you say, ha
Plenty here on earth that are
If you have not Love and Joy, you are not Human

We raise the standard for the Universe
Hoping soon to have the storm clouds part
No fear, soaring Joy

We are Joyful singing foolish babbling warriors
We move on the Breath of God
No one can pull us from the siren call of the soul

They fear us and our Love
We have power abundant
We are tightly knit into each other’s souls

We are the toughest stuff in the Universe
We have a song in our heart
We go forth in Joy singing our praises

Aliens know nothing of Human Truth
We are the Bulwark of Creation!
Sing your songs into the deepest black hole of the soul

Published by

an ole smelly goat

nothing interesting

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