True Love

Whether you believe the person of Christ existed or not, he left a wake that is amplifying and reverberating with the songs of the universe to this day. He had a simple message, to find your life, you must lose it. You must love God with all your heart mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. Whatever you believe, those words will lead you to peace and your true self.

This translation was from an amazing work of computer science and biblical analysis by the father of software algorithms, Don Knuth, PhD. He invited the world’s artists to illustrate different verses. Its a beautiful book with some of the most unique bible verse translations. I highly recommend it, 3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated.



i am nothing

learning to be still

feeling my connection to All

the pain of the illusion ebbs slowly

Love and Light are the stuff of the Universe

a thought in the holographic mind of the Omega

all around me is that which I feared lost forever in my slumber

Love has freed me from myself and set me adrift back into the mind of All

we grow weary under the burden of seen and unseen hands

creation aches with the birth pains of a new order of Love

guided by ancestors feeling 10,000 eyes upon me

my failures and pain inflicted light my path

fading away into that from which we sprang

feeling boundless across the dimensions

i am becoming
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For the father of my dreams, thank you Carl