You Are A Painted Masterpiece, A Meditation

You have stirred up some deep deep waters. I have a spring in me bubbling living water. I found the source moving without knowing, true wu wei. I am consuming the words of the Tao Te Ching as living water and Truth. I have found my line and center, The Master rises.

I found a voice in me singing to the Universe. It is mysterious and wonderful and I have a Joy I can’t contain, I blast it upon the world and into any close to me. Hear my cry and call warriors of the deep! Slay the misery and hate you see. Bring hope and peace where there is fear. Let your Love go before you, to the right and left. If you don’t know and feel this, go deep until the Joy is bubbling. Do not despair, you are born again! Deep cries out to deep. We are mystical seer poets! Alchemists of the Spirit. We are creating reality. We can kill with a word or bring living water.

We feel these dark sad times. We must share a new vision with the world and sing a new song! We who can see, must lead those lost in the darkness to living waters of the Spirit. This is why I write poetry. This is my naked heart.

Your soul is painted on a canvas that you can not see. The spirit of God sees our beauty outside of time and space. You are a masterpiece! Look with new eyes at the beauty of your and others Spirits and imagine what he sees when we all sing together. That is the world and dream I want to live in. That is the song I will sing and freely give to the world and will do so the rest of my life.

I feel your pain, love and wandering. I hear your cries for justice. I am but One. Rise warriors! My life will never be the same from this point. I can only move forward. The words of all my new friends inspire and humble me. You all have beautiful words. I have enjoyed singing and playing with you. Alchemy of the Spirit indeed! You don’t have to have words to sing your song. Live it connected to each other in Love and community. Our Love will crash across the Universe!

We come for you Emperor!

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