Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”

What a synchronicity finding this today about the man who defined that term. Thank you Mr. Jung.

[Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”]

I only know and here I am expressing what countless other people know that the present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.

The myth says he was not to be found where his body was laid. “Body” means the outward, visible form, the erstwhile but ephemeral setting for the highest value.

The myth further says that the value rose again in a miraculous manner, transformed. It looks like a miracle, for, when a value disappears, it always seems to be lost irretrievably.

So it is quite unexpected that it should come back.The three days’ descent into hell during death describes the sinking of the vanished value into the unconscious, where, by conquering the power of darkness, it establishes a new order, and then rises up to heaven again, that is, attains supreme clarity of consciousness.

The fact that only a few people see the Risen One means that no small difficulties stand in the way of finding and recognizing the transformed value. ~ Carl Jung, “Psychology and Religion,” Psychology and Religion, CW 11, par. 149.

Source: Carl Jung “…The present is a time of God’s death and disappearance.”

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