Teachings of a Fool No. 1


A Teacher promised a disciple that he would reveal something much more important than was to be found in all the scriptures. When the disciple, being very impatient, asked the Teacher yet again to keep his promise, the Teacher said:

‘Go outside into the rain, and stand with your arms open and your head raised to the sky.’

The next day, the disciple returned to the Teacher and informed him:

‘I took your advice and I was soaked to the bone… I felt a perfect fool.’

‘Well’, replied the Teacher, ‘for the first day that is quite a revelation, is it not?’

‘Someone engaged in self-study should not have a fool for a teacher’

– Anon

Or perhaps learning to be a Fool is the only way to learn? Become The Fool and be foolish always.

Thus Endeth the lesson.

I added this part, omega.

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4 thoughts on “Teachings of a Fool No. 1”

      1. I agree. I’ve come to the conclusion that synchronicity is visible “evidence” that “magic” is happening. So when I see it, if it’s in a positive context, I am grateful for it.

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      2. I had just read this before your first like today. Maybe you will get something out of it. I sure did. It was such a nice summary of my view to date and the awareness I was allowed to find. I wrote a poem of thanks to the Anima Mundi before I even knew what that was exactly. Synchronicity indeed, http://www.goldensufi.org/a_animamundi.html


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