Life as a Play

Illusion sets the stage for revelation in order to
reveal hard to get at truths
.” – Stanley Milgrim

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8 thoughts on “Life as a Play”

    1. I came by much of my inspiration through personal illumination and through a Western Esoteric path of self initiation influenced heavily by Taosim and Sufism. I’m sure in some corner of the Universe it is funny that an ex-Christian and lover of Christ embraced the Islamic mystic path, but to me it only illustrates the commonality between all ancient mystic traditions. What is mysticism but the direct communion with God within. I’m fascinated now to read things in the Hindu stories about Kali/Sophia and Ghanesh, remover of obstacles. I see these are just archetypes as Jung would say, aspects of Gods. How funny as I grew up I was taught how Hinduism worshipped many Gods, then to find out these were just aspects of God. So much ignorance and lack of experience in the world. Not enough action in love and real seeking to understand each other and our Oneness. I am playing in the light and flow from the Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist sources, spontaneously creating as my heart moves and it set me free in a very real way. I only write to myself. There is so much synchronicity in the esoteric convergence between East and West today. To be a Mystic is a lonely path socially, but fellowship with the Universe is fine consolation until the world wakes up. but I accept that is what I became. Ruined for this world. Love is the only thing that is real and the only reason I write. Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments.

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      1. Good to hear you’ve embarked on your own personal journey. And I wish you well! Yep, as they say, many paths to one destination and to each their own. You take care, keep writing, I’ll see you around virtually… Blessings!

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