My Soul Sings, A Praise

I have tapped into the fountain that does not cease to flow
Eternal Waters Of The Soul
All I would need to consume is within
Oh Death Where Is Your Sting
I am born again
I am as a child
The Glory of Creation Sings Within Me
Forever He Is Glorified And Lifted High
Where He Is, He is Risen
He Is Alive, He Is Alive
He Has Overcome
All the Universe Sings His Song
This is my song
I am not afraid
I am not ashamed
These are the cries of my generation
This is the Truth

We Sing Hallelujah, the Lamb has Overcome
Who can take my song from me, no one
In the darkest night
In the coldest cave
I have a song in my heart that always comforts
It always leads me to the still waters
I will lift my praise on high for eternity

What do you have
Do you love your Gods with every molecule
Is your heart boundless soaring across time
Is your body filled with electricity
Are you loved in your life
Do you love those to your left and right

I hope yes for you to all those questions
Lay your burdens down
Rest in me
Let the waters wash over you
If they take you left, go left
If they take you right, go right
Go into the deep waters where your true self is calling
Let Us Sing Our Song Of Love With The Universe
Be still and you will know

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an ole smelly goat

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3 thoughts on “My Soul Sings, A Praise”

    1. Thank you. I feel a real kinship in your words. Its a mystical thing. Alchemists experiments for sure, brains remapped. What are we becoming?


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