The Gates Are Open No. 2

In the deepest dark of the Abyss, I sought my escape. 

I heard someone say, “There is no way back unless you find your light.”

No way back unless I find my light?



Sounded like some New Age bullshit to me. 

I heard someone say, “If you want to come and see me, you can do so from any and every direction, all the gates are open, there is no concealment. In fact it is ‘All Gate’ and nothing else!”

What a strange thing to say in the middle of the dark. 

When the dark is all around you, what direction should you go?

There is no direction in the dark.

The separation had existed in my mind only. 

I was already that which I had sought.

I was the prison and I was the free bird.

And then I was home again, just like that.

There was a great celebration. 

Everyone came to greet me and we all laughed and laughed until my stomach hurt. Like when you have had too much sweet candy.

And I thought to myself…what a strange dream 😴 😴 😴

On the Road to Mendocino

How does one intuit the right move to fit the moment
That is the question, how to see
To see the perfect moment

To have no destination is a freeing thing
The road unfolds before you
You feel new senses emerging

Peace as we move from moment to moment
What is security and where can it be found
The Truth of this way of living is simple

You can only stand in silence
You would stand still forever if the word was given
Back and forth and forth and back

What can you remember from the moments of your life
Did you feel the road
Where did it take you

Free connections inside and out
I feel like a painted picture
Rearranging the pigments and color

I don’t remember what I was so afraid of
I feel a presence along the road
Where are the others

I see you to my right and know I am home
This moment not just for myself
Loving this road to nowhere, there goes Mendocino