Love the Children Anyway


No need to attack the faults of others
no need to flaunt your own virtues
act when you’re acknowledged
retire when you’re ignored
rich rewards mean great trials
deep words meet superficial minds
think about what you hear
children must see for themselves


Old Tom


My Dad
An Old Tom
Leaving one mess after another

I have his bite
A bit of iron in my bones
And a stripe or two that matches

I am thankful for the
Gifts and curses

Never has
A Father and Son
More misunderstood the other

In my time of need though
It was the Old Tom
That was there to lick my wounds

Sometimes I swatted him away
And provided fresh

Other times
He has drawn blood
In Love and Anger

Who can understand
A cat
Mystical animals

The Old Tom
Helps keep the serpent
At bay

He was always ready
To pounce
At danger

The Old Tom
Always brought home
What we needed that day

We have scrapped
Often as the
First born often does

Distant and aloof at times now
The greying Old Tom
Sometimes needs help

The Old Tom
Now mostly spent must
Never forget how he is needed

So climb on
Old Tom
Borrow my strength and vision

You helped
To fan the flame
That has lifted me high

To follow
Your example
I will be there when needed

Protecting all
Under my care
I will never stray

Image – Earth Tom – from Mystical Cats Tarot