Empty Cup

Nothing compares to the song of love sung with all your heart

It brings down stone walls

It moves the birds from their perch

It makes holes in space

It stops evil in its tracks

This song of love is a healing balm

We who steal hearts know it well

We have been seduced ourselves by it

We move to its flow and we feel its movement through us

A feeling we rarely know in our small lives

To feel it flow through you, removes all doubt, all sadness and suffering

One would feel ashamed to bring their suffering before love

But love beckons, come

Bring it to me

Bring me your deep sadness and I will fill your cup

Pour yourself out again and I shall fill you up

And one day, the water will begin to flow and never stop

Hummingbird Songs

Had a visitation by the Green Man. This morning I read a Taoist meditation saying nature speaks through the birds and flowers. Read this poem below as well. Big medicine. By Lauren Raine, 

The Green Man

Remember me, try to remember,
I am the laughing man with eyes like leaves.
When you think that winter will never end,
I will come.
You will feel my breath,
a vine caressing your foot.
I am the blue eye of the crocus,
opening in the snow,
a trickle of water, a calling bird,
a shaft of light among the trees.

Life Starts Clapping

God lays His glance
Life starts

Creatures grab their instruments
And join the

Whenever love makes itself known
Against another

Jewel in the eye starts


— From The Gift by Hafiz