A Smelly Goat’s Bewildered Prayer  

God, hi, it’s me, your smelly 🐐

Your bewildered 🐦

Why did you send me

To these corrupted ones

These mute powerless muppets

I know the answer

I deserved this

For my insolence and arrogance

They can’t see me

Lord, I remember how you walked with me 

And whispered in my ear

I remember when I felt the 🔥

 Envelop me

Oh the terrible ecstasy 

Oh the smell

I am forever in your debt

Give me the strength

To stand here with this

In this place

Have mercy on your smelly 🐐

Your bewildered 🐦

I remember you in the garden

I remember the serpent

I remember the golden 🍎

If I am the only one left on earth now

Lord give me strength

To face these dark muppets

I am held captive by the chains of ❤️

Free me now

Remove the scales from pretending 👀

Let them fall away at the sound of my song

And smell of my mighty wind

Have mercy on me Lord

Do not forget your smelly 🐐

You have given me back my mended wings 

I know I could

But I shall not use them yet

I shall not fly away

Take me

I shall not abandon them to their false gods

Awaken the sleeping warriors of ❤️

Though I deserve 🔥 eternal

Please Lord, do not forsake me

Though I walk through the valley of the pretenders

I shall fear no 😊 or 👿

I shall always have a sweet 

Smelly song on my lips for thee

Have mercy on this wayward smelly 🐐

Give me strength

To face the dark days here now

Help me to resist the power of the orange one

Forgive the idolators

May you smash every idol with my smell 

I have faced ☠️

I am your smelly offering Lord

I am 🍀 to be alive

I will not curse my life here 

With the idolators

Do with me as you will

Pour me out when you desire

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory


Asun Amoon Amen 


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an ole smelly goat

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