Nowhere Man


Am I the only one out here

Sound off already

(Excuse me ladies my artistic license)

Like you got a pair

Are you listening

Put up or go home

Only the living


Who is


Out there

Let us

embrace our


With Joy

If we

Have lived



If you tremble at

The face of Death

Run within


We were born

To learn to DIE

We fear Death so

Do you

Deep deep down

Where the shadows roam

Have I conquered Death


Spinning nowhere

In  nothing

What makes you

So sure you


Published by

an ole smelly goat

nothing interesting

7 thoughts on “Nowhere Man”

  1. I reckon the guy in the pic should take off his mask chill out a bit …maybe grow his beard and hair and just pop it up in a bun ….reclaim his masculinity (which should not be confused with a macho ness and lack of compassion)
    He might then feel more ALIVE ….not easy as there is a lot in this world conspiring against him
    Love the poem and what it’s saying 🙂

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    1. He is doing a pirouette. Maybe he knows something we don’t in is nowhere land? Thanks for the thoughtful comment, as always. So sorry for Brexit, you’re from the UK right? I don’t think it can go through, what do you think?

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      1. I’ve stopped watching TV again …..was gutted by the murder of our local MP ….kind of thought OK so there’s the referendum coming …really believed that the community here would vote to remain and that would be some kind of vindication of the work that has been going on in recent years ….INCLUDING that of Jo …but NOW!!???
        It feels like a hundred steps backwards YET if the decision is overturned it’s denying those who voted to exit the European Union who WERE the majority’s voices are not being heard …and although I personally think their decision was wrong it would not be democratic to overrule them.
        Whichever way you look at it …it’s a mess …hmmmmm actually when I think about it …think I am currently pirouette ing in the land of nowhere man:D:D:D ….what else can one do?:D:D:D

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    2. Indeed, there is only the dance. Not to be trite, but it is always darkest before the dawn. What the world saw in Britain is an old way of life refusing to bend to a new connected reality. It was a step backward for sure, but it could be the setup of something amazing. She certainly didn’t die in vain.

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