Free Yourself


Bound by the grey fog
     of the Great Forgetting

Some say all is illusion
     we are lost in Samsara

Others insist all you see
     is all that is real

Can not both be correct
     the Creator shows itself in our existence

Every in-breath connecting to eternal Love
     the gift of being in every out-breath
Belief binds you
     providing necessary friction

Free yourself
     and set sail on the waters of remembrance

Published by

an ole smelly goat

nothing interesting

4 thoughts on “Free Yourself”

      1. Correction, it’s very personal, as I’m sure you know. I don’t need to do anything for anyone else, ever. You don’t need to seek anyone or for anyone but yourself. The Beloved and the Lover are all that matters and there is only the dance. I hope the Night of Terror goes gently. But there is no more delay. It may take a year or a thousand, but it’s coming.


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