The Dreamers

On the shoulders of
Great open minds
Who came before
I stand and strain to hear and see

I feel as Wordsworth
A motion and a spirit that impels
I feel the magickal idealism of
Courageous people infecting me

I walk in steps tread long before
I look around in wonder
Read all the pretty words
And hear the song of the human heart

There is a current of knowledge and wisdom
That flows all around us and was gifted to us
I withhold my stamp on the world
And am quiet to allow the deeper pattern to emerge

I feel destiny
And the responsibility and hopes
Of a thousand ancient hands
At my back

The Ancestors speak to me
And instill
A knowing that their sacrifice was
Not in vain

There is fear in the world
There is anger in the world
There is covetousness and jealousy too
There is murder of the innocent

But there is love and sacrifice in this world

There is beauty in the world
There is hope and courage in the world
There is Light and Truth
There is a bounty to harvest

In separation
In rending
In suffering
Love knows it’s depth

I will add my part
To the ancient myths and songs
And dream with you of
Our best future

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an ole smelly goat

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7 thoughts on “The Dreamers”

    1. Thank you. I had some powerful emotions and joy when I wrote it. I want to say, I find a kindred spirit in you and your blog and sentiments. I have been enjoying discovering the One in the strange ramblings from people’s strange, but familiar somehow, hearts. Thanks for having the courage to be strange together and walk in the desert alone. We are the new Dervish poets and writers reborn I think for this age 😉 I embarked on my own journey, not treating spirituality like a slot machine, but grounding myself to the Real, I embarked to taste it all. Why not? When are we coming by this part of the Universe again? It is true, we are only living here now one time, at least this version of us. Your trust in your intuition is right on, fun to share this awareness with so many new people. I am learning to work with the Shadow and see it for what it is, what can you do when Death smiles at you but smile back. I love that old Roman saying. Peace.

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      1. Kindred spirits, indeed! I find we are gathering in great numbers these days, and I am grateful for every new one encountered, for it strengthens my resolve to be Me…

        Welcome to The Otherhood! I feel true joy in your presence here, and look forward to following your journey through your blog as well!

        Keep smiling! 🙂

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      2. Indeed! Your message is synchronistic on so many levels, I had to laugh…

        I was writing a post on drowning when this comment came through, so I clicked the link, and was instantly in the water, the Source. And their practice of raising the Holy ones in near total darkness before allowing them out to see the world they have only imagined…? And then there was Kamea’s guidance about Frog… hmm…

        And as I watched the video, I was taken back to a line in a poem I wrote not long ago that I didn’t understand at the time. The poem was called “Bird Talk” and the final line was something about “the Ancient Ones will rise again, each in their own time…”

        Coincidence? I think not! Lol!

        Happy adventures to you, Omega! Let’s keep in touch… 🙂

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      3. Fun synchronicities. The Kogi are recognized by many great spiritual leaders in the world as legit and perhaps some of the most enlightened members of Humanity. I for one am supporting them, as is Google and many other awakened groups. There are some other Kogi related videos more recent on youtube. Enlightened people. I am amazed by them and their presence of mind, granted, fueled by a lot of coca, haha! “Bird Talk”, huh? I’ll have to read that one. Reminds me of “Conference of the Birds”, read it? Interesting, are we not conversing in the “Language of the Birds” in poetry? Happy adventuring to you and I plan to dive into your blog. Peace!

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