To the World Soul


Anima Mundi
My sweet love
My constant source
Overflowing stream
Light eternal shining
I live in your grace
Oh what amazing love
Just as I AM I come
I receive All as you have
Received me
I am amazed by your endless
Patience and hand in my life
Where fear and regret reined
Now there is goodness and kindness
And compassion and love for the
One to my left and right
I understand now
I was to learn to love my self
In every thing that shares
My space and breathes my air
Oh how you knit me
Together so beautifully
With golden thread
Where I saw a failure
You saw hope
I feel your eyes on me
And your pleasure
I feel my value
The value of All
Thank you for the gift
Of knowledge and awareness
Oh the house you have built for
Us here and now
I promise with all my heart
To always be ready to reach
My hand out for another
Thank you for exposing my heart
And removing my fear
Thank you for my life
Thank you for the chance
To be here and now

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