No More Teachers Dirty Looks

I’m gonna give it to you straight
You’re terminal
$100 for this CD set and salvation is yours

That’s 12 monthly payments by the way
Did I tell you I have a PhD and I knew Sri Aurobindo
Second thought
Is it worth all you have

They play you like an instrument
They laugh at your struggle
They hit you with a stick
They tell you all others are false

The best ones tell you to leave them be
And make you think you need them
They are living off your power
Even the enlightened fall for the scam

I shall shout this until the end of time
There is nothing for you to do but be here NOW

There is no other moment than right now

No past
No future
No time
Just being

In this moment
Are you satisfied
At peace

No, then you got some work to do
Forget your plans

Do you need a teacher to start
Can’t hurt
If you must
Listen to all, follow none

Make sure they are like children
Better to sit and talk as friends
Or walk by the ocean
You can find truth in the waves

If they come from some long line of impressive gurus
Run and like fast
If they don’t start to speak with a smile
Why, this is a beautiful dream

We live in this illusion
So I suppose you have to play by some rules
Or do we
What do they know you don’t

Be aware
But contained
Living like that is worse than prison
Come, let’s walk, laugh and cry about life

Every moment teaches a lifetime of truth
But you have to experience it
See yourself in the faces all around
Be what you need

There are no teachers
We are all students
All I can do is ask you the way
Begin there

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an ole smelly goat

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