Sacred Economics

We are at the end of growth

The end of the age of self

This is the end of possession

The ancients laugh at our blindness

Money consumes all

Greed rules the day

We think
We desire
We covet
We suffer
We hate
We kill

Why should we survive

Our human struggles pollute us

We long to be free from distraction

We need a new currency

We must learn to give and love

Heaven waits

You can only enter at the end of desire and yourself

Embrace the end of this selfish dying world

Measure all knowledge against a giving heart

Who can give more than All

Who can find freedom

Learn to Love

Love yourself
Love the Earth
Love each other
Love the Universe

Live for All

Only the truly intelligent learn to give

The Universe is a gift

To unlock it you must align

What truth do you have that can compare

You have nothing I want

I hold All in my hands and you know not

I am free and perfect in my peace

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an ole smelly goat

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