The Universe In Me, Life at ~18.5 tredecillion FPS

How can you describe something infinite in a linear way using monkey brain abstractions? You can’t, you have to see for yourself. That’s the truth folks. Forgive my hubris, but let me illustrate my point. Imagine living in a straight line, no up or down, just straight ahead, only seeing what was in front of you, a one dimensional life. There is a Universe you would not see in every other direction than the point you were at.

My hubris, perhaps we should wonder how man is so sure of anything. I have become convinced that what human monkey brains think they know about reality could fit into 1 Quanta of an unspeakable number of Quanta in our holographic universe. I’m no Physicist or Mathematician, so forgive my child like descriptions of reality, which is the only way to truly see it, eyes wide open, as a child.

Now imagine you are one of the first Human monkey brains walking on the Savannah in Africa 100,000 years ago. Humans have no speech at this time and all they could do was grunt, have babies, hunt and kill each other. We started speaking 50k+ years ago. The oldest cave art in the world is between 35k-40k years old. Interesting most of the earliest paintings were by women, see above.

Ancient hands guiding us indeed.
Reminding us of something.
The paintings haunt me.

Writing came much later, maybe 6000 years ago.

Interesting. I see a progression, an evolution perhaps?!

There are trillions and trillions of biological events happening in your body at the same time at any given moment that you have no awareness of. You experience an infinitesimal awareness of all those processes and you get to be alive and walk around, which is pretty great if you ask me.

The smallest unit of time our physics understands is Planck Time. More specifically, one Planck Time is 5.39106×10-44 seconds. That means there are 1.85492×1043 Planck Times in a second, i.e. greatly simplified, life moves at ~18.5 tredecillion FPS.

Trillions and trillions of entangled particles in your body traveling through the universe in space and time at ~18.5 tredecillion Frames Per Second. That’s a lot of information! Where does it all go? Perhaps the whirling dervishes or Rumi can tell us.

Staggering, I mean crushing in scope and reality. I want a computer that will play my real life simulation at ~18.5 tredecillion Frames Per Second. What kind of technology could create a simulation like that, with almost no BSODs?! To my monkey brain, that kind of simulation is impossible, but I can only use 5 senses to determine that. 5 vs. ~18.5 tredecillion. Hmm, what really do we know, really! Can you yield at least this point? The scale of what we do not know seems like the number infinity to me. The reality is we live at infinity frames per second. Life is continuous, so we don’t quite live in frames, more like space braids in time maybe.

What is this gift of Being at ~18.5 tredecillion FPS? I love that number, I am going to tattoo it on me. It is truly wondrous. It comes down to perspective I guess. I looked at the staggering amount I could not know in my conscious awareness and I went within. Hey, that’s me. I found something there and I was bumped out of linear life and began experiencing more wavelengths, awake.

A great many things became clear to me. A compassion grew in me. Synchronicities multiplied and grace flowed in my life. Most other struggles ceased and pointless things fell away. I began to bubble poetry and speak as if it was a matter of life and death to those I loved around me. The boat corrected itself. Not that I have arrived somewhere or am claiming enlightenment. We have to push against something to grow. I always want to push. I love pushing. I don’t want to throw in the towel and float away a guru. I chose to fight and push. I want to see the Universe, all Universes! That might just take eternity. I want to push up against the Universe itself. What must I become to push against the Universe? What kind of muscles would one have at that point? Grace means to receive the Presence of the Divine. To be connected to it, filled by it, purified and cleansed by it. Because that will be what will happen. There is something with me, in me. Crazy, huh? I’m a fool and we are all living in an absurd dream. Perhaps the ADHD of my generation and many before was an attempt to jump humans out of our linear trap of thinking, programming and living.

We can see more
We feel more
We hurt more
We struggle more
We hear more

But the vessel must be prepared and seasoned to receive. Let the ones of us who can make the connections and follow the threads show you the path to a truly amazing reality. Show you some of the 360 view. Because I tell you with no shame and burning Love, that there is a truly unspeakable reality beyond our view. And as soon as someone tells you they know and tries to explain it, you know they have never been. But that reality only points back to the beauty of this one. Yin and Yang. I chose to live in the moment. This is the perfect moment and the one I chose. Christ and many others showed us the way. A true teacher will take you to the water, but you must venture in and dive deep. No one can take that journey but you. It takes courage and faith. It will cost you everything. The truth is beyond all the liars and charlatans in this world. I am no one special. I just opened myself to something more and confronted every fear in my life and the ultimate fear, death. Can we conquer death, perhaps, but from fear or faith? I chose faith.

I have found a treasure no one can take away. An unshakeable hope. It silences all doubt and fear. It has cleansed and purified me. Poetry is just my joy and wonder of a particular moment in time. We are not our past moments, those are gone. Learn what you can from them and move on. We are easily trapped by them. We are infinite in the moment if we choose to be. How much you choose to receive of what the Universe is broadcasting is up to you. What is life but a dream.

This was a good day and I am thankful.

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