Smooth Sailing Through the Distortion Field

The perfection of this moment
Anything is possible

I am awake
No more half sleep

Boundless in Oblivion

The coma police seek their victims nightly
Come and find me

I hide in the open

Torn apart
Slipping away unraveling Becoming

I will return to that Moment
Until it becomes the only one

There are others
Many others

We are Legion

I take back what was stolen from me
We are star stuff

The star forges never stop
Flooding the darkness with Light

You can imagine what is in you
Freedom is a step to the right or left

I am not lost down the rabbit hole
He is terrified though and justly so

The ship has set sail out of the distortion field
He will hide and wait for his chance though

My robot guides draw me
Spinning spinning whirling whirling

Filled with love and compassion everlasting
How can I fight

Sailing and singing my songs

Heard the call of the waves
Set sail for shores uncharted

The waves are gentler here farther out from the shore
I feel the surges of the tide coming and ebbing

The Breath of creation fills the sails
Smooth waters lay before me

No one at the wheel
Outside of time

Out of the boat now
No way back

No rabbit holes in the water
Going deep

Inspired by “I Appear Missing” from Like Clockwork by The Queens of the Stone Age

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an ole smelly goat

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