The Hard Road

It takes a violence sometimes to stand still
What is it that we fight against
Why do we make the choices we do in life
Why are we so afraid to be seen for what we are

What or who am I?
A frightened child standing on the edge of Oblivion
A vain man striving for recognition that I matter
A fool

My destiny is dominated by my choices to seek this path
I accepted my death and thought that I had arrived and now can rest
Not understanding the unraveling that would commence on my Death
Unspooling, wisps of thought slipping through my fingers

I learned all paths on the road to know and Love God and others leads to this Truth
We begin to learn that matter is nothing more than God’s Light bouncing off of our intention
I do not miss the illusion of contentment, the faith in myself, the Truth of Me
I am loved and when I dwell in that place standing beside myself, I feel Joy

I accept I am not alone and part of All

I yield

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