Learn The Weirding Way

“We Fremen have a saying – God created the Earth to train the Faithfull. One cannot go against the Word of God.” – Muad’Dib

Holy Warriors, Ancient Jedi

Do you hear the songs of the Universe

Awaken from your Long Slumber

Learn The Weirding Way

A sweet taste rises in your mouth

We are laughing Joyful fools

We are WEIRD

We have The Truth for you, My Beloved

You are Spirit, not these molecular organic robots, Wake Up

Be as water

All you need is within

Move without thought

Go into battle with a Holy song on your heart

Love the one to your left and right

Write my Words on your Hearts

Ayesa! Ayesa! Aeysa!

Stand on Oussal, the Base of the Pillar

We will fight and we will die, but shall have life everlasting

But you will be lifted up on High

Your faces shine brighter than a thousand Suns

Your faith will be your breastplate

Become the Hand of God, God’s Truth

Take up the Sword of the Spirit

Burn the evil from every part of the Earth

Bring All Into the Light

This is Justice, All Men Are Free

The flow of Melange must be stopped

I call you from All Lands and Peoples, My Beloved

Then to rest in eternal bliss in the arms of a restored Mother Earth

All of Creation Will Sing

Note: I really enjoyed playing with Dune today. I love Dune. A wonderful sci-fi series. The Sleepers must Awaken! Not the lightest subject matter, the Apocalypse, but at least if you really read Dune, you have one possible way to make a difference, but it’s just a poem, right? Next up…Arthur C. Clark and Childhood’s End, oh my!  Have a nice day 😉

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3 thoughts on “Learn The Weirding Way”

  1. I do like trilogies that used quotes and poetry to enliven their narrative. This is quite good! I’m quite a fan of Greg Bear and Kim Stanley Robinson as well. Did you ever read those Mars books?


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