The Spiritual Body of a Poem

And now I know why I am writing these things. Quantum indeed! Infinite probabilities! I tell you people. This is TRUTH! My soul sings it. This is what we need. We need to distill the words to the core of them. To the feelings. Only in that stripped space can we bare to be seen naked together. Look at what we have done to each other and the world. We are insane. And we continue to walk around as if it’s all OK. IT IS NOT OK! There is another way. We all can look around and see what we are, who we are, what we love, who we hate, who hates us and what we fear. But we can also see our beauty and love. We can sing with joy.

And then, and then, we can learn that there is nothing to fear together. We are programmed to separate by our worldly masters, but our hearts and spirits long to join. We will only find salvation together. These are true words. They span the dimensions and religions and speak to the soul in us all. The spark of the Divine! Deny my words or the truth of them, but you can not deny my feelings. I shall sing them with the world falling down around me. I will stand. I will be a hope. I will be a light in the darkness. God isn’t coming to save you! He is in you! And we have to save ourselves!

What are we but star stuff entangled at the Quantum level. We are Light of God bouncing between time and space! I will sing my heart with no shame in the darkness until I am changed in the twinkling of an eye. This is my destiny and yours! Claim it! Yield! Jump into the deep waters! Move without thinking and be set free from fear. Can’t we all agree on those things?

I was born to sing. I hear the Universe singing in me and calling me out. Raising my voice. I will raise it to a mighty thunder! I will SHOUT until the ignorance is loosed and we are free! I am a fool! Join me! I feel like myself for the first time in my life. You know what I found? I am not alone. I am loved. I love you, truly.

Wuji Seshat


To write poetry is
To create philosophical memory
To adjust the commentaries

Of all souls, to just one voice
To strip the inequalities
Of existence, of their mass
To write poetry is
To erase the written

Transforming what we have read
Making alphabets contemporary
Fluid, mystical

To write poetry is not just art
It’s neurological reprogramming
A quantum gesture to
The nature of beauty
And Meaning itself

To write poetry is
To return to an absence of meaning
The meddlesome mind forgets

The natural order of nature
To reduce layers of narrative
And return to a total peace
And a grand vision of the universe
As a talking thing, exchanging energy

In a physics of existence
To write poetry is to love the unwritten
Endings that all concur

To identify with the sudden
Rupture of beginnings
From which all thought originates
To write poetry is thus
The silence in between…

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