Is the Universe a simulation?

This is an excellent discussion from a surprisingly diverse group of scientists about the possibility the Universe is a simulation. There are some interesting possible implications if we are. It’s probable we are, but based on our current observations unlikely.

Being a software developer myself, I found the most interesting part of the discussion the discovery of natural error correction codes in biological systems. This does not mean we are a simulation, but it does make a stronger case for a design to our biological systems possibly.

I like to wonder if I am real once a day. It keeps me sane and centered. The Universe is an amazing place.

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3 thoughts on “Is the Universe a simulation?”

  1. I watched a very fascinating video about the Holographic Universe theory only to find that it was propaganda for some church, using this information as proof of God only and no other further exploration beyond that. Needless to say, that was very frustrating, so this is a welcome treat. I’ll enjoy watching this.


    1. It’s excellent. Thanks for the comments. And if you like that. Try these two articles. I’ll be posting more on them. Future of science is putting consciousness in the equation. Then it transcends religion. My two cents. See for yourself 😉

      My thought, yes, we are in a consciousness simulation. The simulation could be called reality, but it’s consciousness that is fundamental to the universe, not matter. They know it’s true. They just don’t want to stop playing with their soldiers and castles. We do live in this dream for a reason. Rumi calls it loves confusing joy. That’s us. More joy.

      Yes, always keep an open mind and listen to everyone. Everything we need is within us already. That’s the fun part. The hide and seek. Though people forget the game and get very scared and mean 😉

      Meanies. They spoil it for the rest of us.

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